2010 KH29 with brake $600 w/FREE SHIPPING

I am selling my 2010 KH29 that I purchased at the end of April for $600 with Free shipping in the USA. The UNI is in damn near perfect condition and will come with the $200 Magura HS33 brake with full stainless lines, KH seat stiffener plate, and a blue Salsa quick release clamp. The cranks on the UNI are the KH 125/150mm dual holes and the seatpost is cut just enough so that I could ride it(I have a crotch to floor of 33in without shoes on). I need to sell this awesome uni ASAP.

PM with any questions.



Sold! :smiley:


Aww I thought you had sold it already and this new thread got me excited about it. Was gonna borrow $600 from my friend. Ohh well.

I PMed You

Did you get it by any chance?

Sorry but the uni is sold

rockjunkie15 it arrived yesterday and I have had it out twice already, :slight_smile: awesome ride, amazing unicycle. Thank you! :slight_smile: