2010 KH29 W/Full Stainless Brake

Unfortunetly unicycling is just not giving me the fix I need so I’m selling my few week old KH29. I purchased this UNI at the end of April and it only has a few rides on it. This UNI is the newest KH29 with the 47mm wide drilled rim and all the specs are as stated at Unicycle.com except this come with the $200 HS33 brake with full stainless lines, KH seat stiffener plate, and a blue anodized Salsa quick release clamp. The cranks are the KH 125/150 dual holes and the tire is the WTB Stout 2.3. I still have the original box and will ship this uni free anywhere in the US.

I’m asking $650 shipped and prefer using Paypal.

PM with any questions



You JUST bought it :thinking: sorry you didn’t get into it.

me too, I guess I’m just a bike guy:o

Sent you a pm

youve just been pm’ed :astonished: :p:

if no one buy it until I get a job and start working and then get 650$ I’ll buy it… but it probably wont happen:(

Thinking the same thing man. So far no one has hired me. :frowning:

Damn! I would have snatched this up pronto if I hadn’t just bought a new one from udc!

Btw, I checked your other threads; you seem to have bought and sold MANY high-end unis via this trading post since you joined in 11/09. Not making a judgment, but it just seems a bit unusual.

Ran out of edit time. Just wanted to ad that I’ve bought and sold my share of unis as well! Just not over such a short space of time, lol. :slight_smile:

Unfortunetly I was hoping that bumping up the size of the UNI would give me the speed that I wanted, but I’m just so used to hauling ass on a downhill bike and going off 8ft+ drops all the time that offroad UNI is kinda slow and boring too me:(. I’m not planning on getting rid of my trials uni anytime soon because I really enjoy riding super technical urban and natural lines(attempting at this point), so I’m not ditching the unis completely.