2010 KH Street Saddle on a 36-er

OK, I have been trying out saddles recently and have tried the KH freeride, KH freeride air, Nimbus Gel, and Qu-Ax Air. I really likes how the Qu-Ax felt but wanted to use the KH handlebar with the seat stiffener so I bought the KH street.

At first blush I though it was going to grind my taint into hamburger. After riding about 10 miles this weekend (not all at once), I can say, I LOVE IT.

Who would’ve though that Kris Holm knew what he was talking about when he suggested this seat for distance riding… I mean, he doesn’t really have too much experience in the uni industry :slight_smile: (that was a joke)

The foam is FIRM but works well, I don’t even mind using it without holding on the handelbars. I would say, it’s even better than the Qu-Ax and much better now that I have the KH bars and KH adjustable seatpost.

I’d say, if you think the freeride is too cushy, the nimbus is too curved and the Qu-Ax is just not for you… get the street.

Haven’t ridden one, but it makes sense given the design of road bike seats. After a couple of days the the nerves around you sit bones deaden and your ride in comparative comfort. Many years ago (like in the times of dinosaurs) I rode a hard leather brooks saddle on a road bike. There was talk of brooks saddles breaking in, but its actually your backside that does the breaking in.

Glad you found something that works for you. I’m just in the first days of a fusion freeride. So far so good, but I’m still getting used to the flatness. I find that the flatness makes the right angle of the seat more important to me.

Yeah, I LOVE the Freeride on my 24" and 26" MUni’s. It took me a while to take KH’s “advice” on that one too

Oh, the nerves around your ischial tuberosities don’t deaden, that would be problematic, the adapt to the pressure and some of your tisswue moves and shifts around to fit into the seat… I don’t want anything down there to die :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you still?

So, Tirving, do you still love it? And, what’s the longest ride you’ve done thus far on your KH street on your 36er? Is it that much better than a Nimbus Gel to plop down the cash?

I did about 20 miles at one go on my NB Nightrider this past weekend, and while my taint is getting a bit more accustomed to my Nimbus Gel, I can’t help but think that there’s got to be something better for distance (short of building a knock-off of Turtle’s V-frame with racing bike saddle and arm rest handlebars).

Incidentally, for me the biggest problem besides numbness of the equipment, is severe chafing, even when wearing bike shorts with a chamois & pad.

And what are the Century riders using (Terry et al.)? Is there any way to reduce the numbness? Does more time in the saddle reduce the problem?

Thanks in advance for the insights…

UPD in Utah

Oh they break in. I’m riding a team pro right now that’s got about 2500 miles on it, and it’s just now starting to break in to where it’s comfy. The team pros have the thickest leather they make saddles with, much thicker than a b17. It takes a long time to break in, but I think it’s worth it. If you’re willing to sacrifice the life of the saddle, you can always oil it and it’ll be comfy right away. I don’t care if I’m riding a 15 lb super bike, it’ll have my dang brooks on it. . . I’m sorta attached O:-)

As far as the KH street, I was riding the Naomi, and switched to the street because I stopped riding with a handlebar just around campus. I figured it was a waste if I wasn’t going very far, and since you can take if off with one allen key on the new shadow, it’s gone unless I go across town.

The KH street is a great saddle, the naomi is just as good, if not better ONLY if you ride with a handlebar.

Anyway, my freestyle uni got a significant upgrade. . . : P

I too would be interested in hearing updates on how you are finding the Street saddle for distance (both with and without the touring bar).



I can’t stand the Nimbus Gel seat and my longest ride in the 36-er is 21 miles with no problems. I have been strengthening the taint with regular 8 mile Muini rides though :smiley:


Sounds like a KH Street saddle for my Nightrider is in my future!

Thanks for the follow-up, even though taint necessarily so…

UPD in Utah