2010 KH 20" Trials

Hey Guys and Gals.
Selling my 2010 KH 20" Trials.
Its in very good physical conditions. Got signs of some usage. I have not rode this guy in about 6 months…saving for a 36!

On this guy, i learned how to 180unispin and tire walk and jump up 4 stairs so nothing to intense. Will miss it but way to busy with school for practicing everyday. btw, anyone who knows spencer hochberg or beau hoover (who go to ucla) could probably tell you its in great condition.

I will upload pictures later but email me at daveykim@ucla.edu for pictures or offers.
as for $$$ please be reasonable.

I would like ideally sell locally.

lastly, the only modification i think i made was cutting off the seatpost about 2 inches. I am 5’11 if that matters.

shipping to europe would be very expensive, wouldn’t it?
do you know how much that would be?

I wish I could but im not sure on the price quote. if someone can chime, it that would be helpful. but as of now, might not be a good idea for both of us.

yeah that’s true :frowning: do you know someone else who wants to sell a uni?

36er trade?

Hi daveykim,

I just posted my 36er for sale today on a thread called “Nimbus Titan + extras”. Have a look and let me know if you are interested in negotiating a trade.