2010 Five Ten Shoes

Came across a video at Interbike of some new Five Ten shoes for 2010. The first two featured in the video look especially interesting for uni:

Related, I’ve been using Five Ten Karver’s on the GUni. The one sided mid height ankle padding is GREAT for shifting. The lace cover is a good idea but average implementation, let’s the shoe down a bit imo. Anyone interested in the Karver, there’s a full rant at:

I posted a review of the Impact and Freeride. I’ve been using the Freeride for 3-4 montns now, still like them more than the Impacts because they are lighter and have narrower heels, though I sometimes wish the sole was a little less “soft”.

Note that there is a known issue with sole delamination on the Five Ten models that have a “Converse” styled rand around the outside edge. I have returned one pair already, my second pair started doing it also, so I have shaved it down so it no longer catches as much on the pedal cleats.

The Freeride is much stickier on my pedals than the Impact, but the Impact is more durable and offers a firmer ride, also better for hiking.