2010 Evolution of Balance Award Winners


I’m happy to announce that Johnny Cronje, Donna Kisogloo, and Alan Read from Cape Town, South Africa, are the recipients of the 2010 Evolution of Balance Award. Congrats!

They intend to ride about 2400 km offroad from Durban, South Africa to Capetown. They intend to start in November 2010 and finish in January 2011. Most of their trip (from Pietermaritzburg to Paarl) follows what has become known as the Freedom Trail, the route of the Freedom Challenge endurance race.

The EOB award is:

  • CDN$1700
  • One Kris Holm unicycle (singlespeed)
  • One set of Kris Holm Percussion Armor and Pulse Gloves
  • Up to three additional Kris Holm unicycles at wholesale cost

Thanks again to Unicycle.com, Horny Toad Clothing, and the Hoover Family for helping sponsor this award, which aims to help support independent, non-competitive mountain unicycling adventures.


Wow! Looks like a sweet trail. Congratulations and good luck!

gnarly looking
good luck
look out for the elephants!

Awesome news … well done guys !! I’m quite jealous and wish I could join you for the trip. Perhaps I’ll see you along the way :slight_smile:

Congratulations !!

To Kris, UDC, Horny Toad and the Hoovers – Thank you all so much for putting the KH Evolution of Balance Grant together! Alan, Donna and myself submitted our application with a lot of hope, but not a lot of conviction that we would be in the running to receive it. We planned our trip after being inspired to do so by the previous two winners of the grant, and I hope that our trip might do the same for others.

To share a bit more about what we plan:

We are going to be riding coast to coast across South Africa, from the city of Durban in the east, to Cape Town in the West. The route is almost entirely offroad. We will cover about 2400km over 46 days. We will be following the path of the “Freedom Trail” which Kris linked in the original post. The FT take us through mountains, deserts, grasslands and forests on gravel tracks, singletracks, duel tracks, animal paths, and at times no path. We will be accompanied by game rangers for a few days to help prevent an early death by way of African animal. We will have a support vehicle with us for our overnight stops. I would love to attempt this as a self supported Gracie-styled trip, but I am not man enough for such punishment. Another benefit of the support vehicle is that we will be able to have a regular (hopefully daily) report on the days events from the support driver. We’ll be getting a blog up and running around the time of the trip (24 November )

Again to Kris and all the sponsors, thank you so much for inspiring us to think of something different, and for helping us make it happen!

Johnny, on behalf of “Team CounterBalance”

I would love hear what adventures all the other applicants had submitted, and whether or not they’ll still happen?


Sounds like a great adventure, have fun! :slight_smile:

Congratulations you guys - you are going to have an amazing trip. I know from riding a bit through Kenya and Tanzania last summer that even with a support vehicle, this is going to be an amazing and difficult ride. And how many people have done 2400km of offroad?!

Best wishes for a fantastic trip. And you owe us a write-up with photos afterwards! :slight_smile:


No, no! For coast-to-coast, you should pick skinny countries, not 2400 KM. Crazy! Enjoy and savor your trip - you will always remember it, that’s for sure!

That is excellent. It’s great that Kris and the other sponsors are supporting you in this. What a wonderful ride!

I very much look forward to reading your day-to-day experiences.


Wow what an amazing trip! Good luck.