200k in two days

Well I finally did it, 200k in two days for “Ride to conquer cancer”. Well the pain I experienced is nothing to the pain the cancer survivors who rode will have experienced. 660 bikes plus one unicyclist.

here is link to the interview done by NZ paper

I was so close to pulling out on second day when a family from our unicycle club turned up to encourage me and give me the impetus I needed to carry on.

Second picture is of just one of the riders who had a story. I had so many people share the experiences they had been through.

The stats: day one took 7 hours with top speed of 33.4k/hr and day two took 7.5 hours with what seemed like insurmountable hills, unfortunately the first hill was only just down road from start. It was the downhills that were the killer.

Awesome story and awesome ride. Congratulations! Fantastic achievement!

Nice one Bryan, nice one!!!

I had heard from a certain eight-legged fellow that you were going to do this ride. Brilliant mate.


Inspiring. Thanks for sharing this!

In my country, motorcycles zoom in all directions, continue to go even though there’s a red light, even going in the wrong direction.

Yet I’ve never heard of one of my relatives lose their life because of them.

Yet in the last 4 years, I’ve lost my Grandfather, an aunt and uncle (separate), and a friend of the family who is a pastor all due to cancer. And these are the ones that I know…probably many more that I don’t or the ones that want to keep it to themselves.

There’s definitely something up with our food and air. It’s almost becoming a common thing to know of someone close that has cancer. Soon, you’d be the odd one out if you don’t…

Good job on the run though, you thought about quitting but you didn’t, must have been hard. Giving up can be sooooo tempting sometimes. Hoping for the best!

It’s too bad that the meaning of the word “awesome” has been so diluted in the vernacular, because its originaly sense really applies in this case–you do, in fact, inspire awe. Thanks for posting your amazing story! :slight_smile:

Very touching. Thanks for posting this. I appreciate it!