200cm Rolling Hop Comp (Long Jump)

I’ve been practicing rolling hops lately and I had so much fun with the 75cm comp (high jump) so I wanted to create this comp. So yeah the rules…

-Must have never did a rolling hop 200cm or more in length
-Must be on film and show measuring tape
-Cannot be 199.9cm, must be 200cm or more
-Must lay out something along the starting line from where you hop and where the 200cm mark is so we can see if your tyre has touched it
-When 3 people enter we will start

Have I missed anything?

Just one more comment I would like to make. I filmed one of my 180cm rolling hops and I found that my tyre compresses so much so that if I hop 15cm further than the 200cm mark, the tyre touches the 180cm mark so is this a 180cm hop or a 195cm hop? (Hope this makes sense)

Good Luck All. :slight_smile:

i’d say its a 180cm hop. but in competition the length of ur hop is basically just watever the length between the two markers r (presuming u clear the distance without touching either marker).

i would b in but my internet is too slow for me to bother uploading a short clip in order for me to win a colourful piece of text.

what sized wheel? do you have to use because i can hop 220cm on a 24" and can hardly do 200cm on a 20" so would that count?


As long as you have not done 200cm on a 20" you can join.

You are probably rite except for the winning the colourful piece of text though. The colourful piece of text is wonderful. I could just stare at it all day for the rest of my life. :slight_smile:

sweet I’ll try tomorrow

if you land it tomorrow you will be out of the competition because only two people have joined. And this message does not mean that I am joining.

I haven’t tryed yet lol so yea It rained.

I’m in!! :smiley:

do we now have 3 people???

Yeah yous do.
LiLpunk2012 and You. :slight_smile:

Not sure why I am on this thread but it would be cool to see 200cm long jump. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Can’t wait. I might have to wait a bit tho as I’m brused all up my legs lol from a 16km muni ride :slight_smile: a lot of uphill and down hill :). but back on topic

My record is 125 :stuck_out_tongue: but I’ll be in too.

2 days of practice could do it…

I only just started practicing the other day and I got 115cm so why not Im in. :roll_eyes:

I’m still yet to try lol