2009 Nimbus 26" Muni Frame with Factory Brake Mounts!

I just got my new frame back from the powder coater, it is soooo awesome!!

Essentially it is the same as the Nimbus II, but wider at the crown and now they come with brake mounts :slight_smile:

Quality and materials appear to be the same as my other two Nimbus frames. Mine came with a factory chrome, I wanted a color so I chose “safety yellow”. I had mine powdered locally, but apparently you can have your frame painted by Nimbus for relatively little $$.

With a Gazzolodi 2.6 mounted on a Double Wide rim, I have a solid 1/2" to spare on either side and plenty of space between the tire and the crown; a 3" Duro or Gazz will fit sure!

Apparently the new frames come standard on the 24"/26" Muni, so ask fr one if you’re looking to get a new muni.

Here she is:

Nimbus 26" Muni Frame
Nimbus Isis Hub
Ringle Double Wide Rim
Gazz 2.6
KH Moments 165mm
KH Seatpost Rail-Less
KH Street Gel Seat
Salsa Seat Post Clamp
Snafu Pedals
Magura Hydraulic Brake, Braided Steel Lines, and KH Spooner

wow that is beautiful.

The 2.6 Gazz is ~2.5" at the widest.
The 2009 Nimbus frame is 3.5"

I’d say that any 3" tire will fit with at least 1/4" clearance on either side.

They did a nice job on the brake boss set up, just enough room for the brakes on a doublewide rim, yet still abhle to run a narrower rim and brake.

Lose the quick release. Other than that very nice.:slight_smile:

thats a nice uni you have there, but how come you have an 09 model in 2008? Do you have a time machine? If so whats in store for us next year… any new KH’s :smiley:

Wow, that’s a beauty! I’m glad to know that there’s an inexpensive 26er frame now with brake bosses, as my 14 year old son is riding a very similar setup (same gazz jr tire, but with 140s!) and would like a little help on the downhills sometimes.

I think that that will be my next upgrade for my MUni along with finally installing the break that I purchased last fall.

Once that is done the Tire, and tube will be the only things stock left on my unicycle. mmmm, then I could build up my old one again with all the spare bits I have:)

I dont think i’ve ever been quite so excited about seeing brake mounts before.

Think my 24" will be getting transformed into a 26" sometime soon.

Great stuff

Nurse Ben comes from the future.

This is great news! I have to order that frame.

Beautiful uni Ben!

I was thinking of a 26" muni for my next one once I get more proficient with my 20" Schwinn. That looks nice.

Looks awesome, I like the color.

This is Ben from Haw Ridge on labor day btw.

looking good Ben. I can’t wait to see it up close next time we ride.

man now they come with brake mounts. i’m pissed. i still need to weld my mounts on.

It was a great idea to have a 26" frame with brake mounts finally. I guess the only two out of box choices now are the Nimbus frame and the Surly frame.

I got my brake posts welded onto my Nimbus 26 this summer:

(click to enlarge)

Didn’t cost much, but then again I had a friend who did the welding for a couple of beers :smiley: The brake posts are from this place. It is really nice to have brakes to save my strength (and knees) for the uphills rather than “wasting” a lot of energy going downhill. Too bad they went for expensive (and at least around here, rare) Magura rim brakes rather than ordinary cantilever/linear brake posts.

Where did you get it from? I was looking at a Nimbus 24" Muni, with the brake mount, they have just sold me on it.

Call UDC and ask about purchasing a 2009 Nimbus 24" Muni. I think the price is nearly the same as the 2008, maybe a few bucks for the brake mounts and inflation.

I have a couple rides on it now, brakes work awesome, great frame, great company :slight_smile:

Ahh! Now I see why you parted w/ that sweet green frame! that’s killer! Oh well, I still like the green frame, and I must say I was suspicious that those upgrades were coming. Ride on!

Brake performance with doublewide rim

How effective are the maggie brakes with that rim?? As good as with other rims designed for rim brakes? What color Magie shoes you using?
Any squeeling/noise or other issues with this combo?

Brakes seem to work fine, a little squeaky at first, but now they’re ve got some break-in they appear to fine. I used some toe-in which helps keep them from being grabby. The rim is fine for brake use, even with the powder coating. I wouldn’t waste my time sanding off the paint.

Using black pads. I’d say the rim works as well as machined rims, I mean what are we really talking about here, an off-road uni that’ll get dust, dirt, water, etc… all over the rim and pads anyhow, not too mention how little we use the brake compared to our bicycle brethren. It’s a tough rim, that’s for sure!