2009 Kris Holm Schlumpf Muni Hub **Per Orders**



This should prob. go in RSU as I see this as big news. They are lengthening the ISIS axle which is a HUGE plus. It just kind of sucks that the older muni hubs won’t have this longer axle. With the current set up we are pretty much forced to use KH Moments bc other crank arms do not seem to fit. I would love a longer ISIS axle on my kh/schlumpf hub so that I could run lighter weight ISIS cranks.

My 36er super guni has transformed my Cokering. I can’t imagine going back to a non-geared 36er. I go farther, faster and with twice as much fun as before, especially on those fast and furious mountain descents. The price is unfathomable to anyone not involved in unicycling but for me it has been worth every penny.

Thus I will let someone else post it in RSU. Enjoy.

ahah… you allready did it… cool.

If I was into Muni I would definately have to get that!

That’s odd. I sold mine because I feel that I have just as much fun without it, and I don’t have to deal with the maintenance and possibility of failed bearings.

I had light Qu-ax 114s on mine for a couple weeks while training for RTL and didn’t have any problems with frame clearance.

Yea, really, twice as much. I friggin love crankin’ that gear! I also love hill climbs, but the slow, arduous decents were really bummin me out and I found myself always choosing to muni instead of coker. I think cokering was getting a little boring. Now with the gear it is opposite, as in I am choosing to push the speed of the guni, (still like to muni, though).

I haven’t had any major mechanical issues with my hub, (yet?). Knock on wood. It shifts smoothly so far and I have added oil once in a year.

You had 114s on a geared unicycle? Thats pretty short. I tried the Qu-ax on my KH/schlumph and they never got tight enough then I stripped them. I wouldn’t mind running lighter cranks myself.

That hub could buy me almost two Kris Holm unicycles. But I will not deny the awesomeness of that hub, it really is innovative!

I had them on a geared KH29. I had them cranked on at the recommended torque. I rode that setup up and down Mount Umunhum when I was training for RTL, but I wouldn’t do it again. That’s what convinced me to use 125s for RTL. Granted, 114s in high gear on the 29er felt really good on flat and mild downhill roads.

How long will it last before it breaks?

Any estimates on when this hub will be available as machine built?

Still a whole lota dough for a hub. A complete KH Guni for $1350 would be okay :slight_smile:

5 year warranty on the hub.

I have never had any problems with mine, I did send it in to get the upgraded parts though and there was a wait to get it back.

My guess is that unless road/mountain unicycling becomes a LOT more popular that the hub will never be machine built. I wouldn’t wait for it to become machine built, but in the past year it looks like Florian has made some slight adjustments to the hub (stronger planet carrier, beefier bearings, and now a longer ISIS axle (which I wish I had)).

I love my geared 36, and my geared 29 was also a lot of fun. If it wasn’t for the geared hub I think I would have been burned out on distance unicycling and given it up. I definitely think it is worth the money. You also get a really cool hat with it! :slight_smile:

Please excuse my ignorance, but what is different about this hub compared to the current KH/Schlumpf hub?

Current hub: the ISIS axle is too short for anything other than KH moments. I have tried other ISIS cranks and they end up hitting the frame. Others have had success with lightweight qu-ax isis cranks, but most find that they tighten onto the frame or cause problems.

New hub: The ISIS axle has been lengthened (supposedly, i only see mention of this on UDC’s page). This would allow (hopefully) for other ISIS crank arms to be used without them interfering with the frame.