2009 Kris Holm Longneck

So guys,

I recieved my '09 Longneck today, and since it’s one of the first real '09’s I thought I’d post it. It’s only got one scratch, and that’s from my wrench.

The quality is bad, but I used my camcorder.

Also, I hate how high the handle is, but it’s as far back as the seat goes. How can I fix this?




maybe your seat post is backwards? thats my only idea.
But how is the 09 seat?

Nice ride you got there. Something like what I might have some day. :slight_smile:

is there anything different about the 09 from the 08 except the seat?

I think the rim is different.


Is there anyway I can lower the handle. It feels soooo high. My talent show rehearsal is tommorow.

did you try my idea?

Then the back would be too high.

I don’t want to hacksaw, because I don’t think I need to. It looks as though this is the only seat that goes that high up.

And the seatpost is facing forward.

I believe the differences are that they have a pin in the seatpost to stop twisting, the hub, and the seat. Nothing with the 20" rim.

As for the seat, When I got my CF base my seat felt high too because I was so used to my flat one. But as time went on I got used to it.

go try a doubleflip and mess up on it and land on the front of the seat. I do that when my seats are to high.

I’ll pass.:slight_smile:

I don’t want to mess anything up. Is it just the natural curve of the new base? If so, I don’t like it.

lol ok. If the base is like that then i dont want a 09 seat. Is the foam thicker in the 09’s?


I think I found the problem. The picture is really blurry, but you can see.

Should the reinforcement plate be over or under the seatpost?


It should be over the seatpost

in every pic i have seen it has been in over the seat post.
Like the seat is normal on the seat post then the bolt goes through the reinforcement then the seat post then the seat. h
hard to explain, :smiley: :astonished:

Yeah. That was it:o

I’ll post a good picture soon.

Another question.

It is still about an inch or two higher than I like to rider. Will it become easier.

Also, I learned 5spins yesterday. I can hardly 3spin with the seat so high.

Again, will I get used to it.

Or are you talking about the hight of the seatpost, not the curve? Then just cut the frame.

I don’t want to cut the frame because I know I’ll grow into it really soon, and it’s not that high. I just want to know if I’ll get used to sitting high(er) up.


my Bedford headplate fell off, and all the black adhesive is on, how can I get it off?

Nice ride.

How the heck did the Bedford plaque fall off? Are you sure you didn’t rip it off. :wink:

Go buy some Goo-Gone, and put some on it and and a paper towel, and start wiping away. Takes about 5 mins.

You could get a bike shop to trim the neck for you, but, I’d say learn to ride it high, and grow into it.

Treat 'er well :slight_smile:


The plaque had bent a little, then it started to cut me, so I just peeled it off.

That 09 saddle looks so much thicker than the 08!!!