2009 Kris Holm 36"

I bought a new KH36 in June. It maybe has hundred miles on it. in great condition. includes the brake and the KH touring bar. I will sell for $700. plus shipping. i have a perfect selling record on ebay under the seller name CASPERCARVER. I can send hi-res photos if you want. cheers.


how much for just the t bar?

no longer for sale

uni is no longer for sale. shipping cost is extremely high $100+ and i cannot find a suitable box. anyone have ideas on a cheap way to ship and finding a proper box? thanks.

Go to your local bike shop and see if you can pay them to box it and ship it. It may cost $100 for all that. I’d be willing to work with you on shipping if your LBS would do it for you…most will do it for bikes…can’t see why a uni would be any different.

Go to your local shop and they will be happy to give you one of the boxes the bikes come in. Take the saddle/seat post, and pedals off. Cut down the box and reinforce it with a ton of duck/duct tape and you should have plenty of room for the saddle/seat post and pedals. It will still be expensive to ship but no more than $50 is my guess. It is a bunch of work though, that is for sure. I have done it plenty and hate it every time, although I like the money.

Good Luck

I recently shipped a bicycle - it was $25 for the bike shop to box it and $47 fed ex ground with $500 insurance - not too bad

thanks for your help!

i will go to the bike shop tomorrow and see what i can get. thanks for your help again. cheers. once i get the shipping figured out i will sell. should have done this first. live and learn. :slight_smile:

Take the tire off and send Fed Ex. This will bring the dimensions down to just under the expensive size.

thanks for your help!

I have come down with the flu! as soon as i can i will follow your advice. :slight_smile:

I just came back from Florida.I shipped my 36" via UPS down and back with no damage. They had a box in stock that fit the uni perfectly.With insurance it was less than 50.00 each way. Good luck

Where in Florida did you visit? Weather’s been beautiful here for the most part, if a little unwintery :slight_smile:

John M

I vacationed in Clearwater. I had a great time riding the Panellas Trail. I got to meet alot of people on the trail because of my uni. It is definitely a conversation started. I can’t wait till the next time I can make it down there.

Cool, glad to hear you had a good time. If you’re looking for riding company, definitely post next time you’re headed down… this thread tends to get watched, or feel free to make your own. There’re a few people on the forums in the Clearwater/St Pete area, and more also in outlying areas.

take care,

John M