2009 KH Factory Team announced

Hey All,

Here is the 2009 KH Factory Team:

Max Schultz (USA)
Adrien Delecroix (FR)
Christian Huriwai (NZ)
Dan Heaton (USA)
Spencer Hochberg (USA)
David Weichenberger (Austria)
Kelly Hickman (USA)
Pedro Tejada (Brazil)

Kelly & David, welcome back. Shaun, Kevin, Luke, Cecelina, Amanda, and Fredrik have retired off the team but thanks again to them for a great season last year.

All of these riders really need no introduction. It was tough to pick a team with good riding & people skills and that also represents different riding styles and places in the world. As before, the team focuses on technical riders. The Evolution of Balance award represents KHU’s support of endurance-oriented muni riding.

It’s great to have Dan on the team for the first time after all these years of riding and collaborating together on films. As you know he’s had a strong Summer & Fall as a major face of Columbia Clothing’s Fall ad campaign. It’s also cool to have new talent with Max & Christian, and Pedro as the world’s first South American rider to receive sponsorship. Hopefully that helps grow the uni scene a bit more in Brazil. And with Adrien I’m really happy to help support a French rider of that calibre. Kelly is going to continue to represent KHU with strong street riding, and I think that David has some big muni plans for next year.

So congrats to everyone! Thanks also to everyone else who applied.


Wow that is pretty amazing, and a pretty huge change. Some major surprises on there too!

Great work Kris!

Have you ever thought of getting MEC to carry KH stuff?!

Congrats to you all!


cool!!! good list definately.

edit: what’s mec? :o edit 2: Is it this: http://www.mec.ca/splash.jsp?

Glad you like the lineup.

Re MEC- that’s for sure a goal. Hopefully it happens as they plan to carry bikes in 2010, so why not a few unis.


Congratulations guys! That’s awesome news

dang son.
So are we going to see Dan riding more now?

MEC is Mountain Equipment Coop, it is similar although completely unrelated to REI.

Supprized that both Luke and Fredrick retired off the team, I still hope to see videos from them.

Great to see Spencer finally made it! I hope Dan will be riding some street more and getting more videos out now! Congrats to everyone else, you guy deserve it!

Amazing lineup!

Glad I sent you that e-mail directing you to Max. Im sure he is going to be so ecstatic for a long time.

Any reason why some of the rider that used to be there, arent there anymore? Less interest in riding or decided it on their own?

Anyways, there will be some good things coming for the 09 year.

Well deserved by everyone on that list.

yeeeeah…thata boy spencer! congrats to everyone else too.

im shocked and excited at the same time!!! congrats spencer and max!!

max really deserves it!

nice job to everyone else kelly is still going strong

kinda shocked about some of the people that retired off the team but yeah…

its just life…

Me too. I’m not so excited now(no not really), knowing I’m not in the same team as Luke and Shaun. But atleast I can say I’m in the same team as the legendary frontflipper :stuck_out_tongue:

Its gonna be an awesome year.

Wow im pretty stoked to see Pence and Max on the team!

First, thanks Kris!

I hope to make unicycling bigger here in a faster and better way than we already were doing. Thanks for believing in other countries and cultures that may slower, but can have unicycling as a serious sport!

I must say congratulations to all the KH 09 riders, and good luck for the retiring riders . I hope to see ALL of you doing great in your other activities and in your riding :wink:

Thanks again Kris and KHU! Now we have an entire year to work :D!

Let’s do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations Pedro!!
It is so good to see you in that list you deserve it not only you but I everyone in there deserves :smiley:

Also, thanks again to the KH Team co-sponsors who cover the costs of getting product to the team riders, and help out with wheelbuilding and replacement parts:

Bedford Unicycles for Kelly, Spencer, and Dan
UDC USA for Max and Pedro
UDC NZ for Christian
Qu-Ax for Adrien, and
UDC Germany for David

Without these co-sponsors it would be impossible to have a team of riders in so many places.


Good work guys im sure youll all do great :D.Im pretty shocked that the others have left and also that Adrien is on the team now :astonished: