2009 congress of jugglers/baltimore maryland street ride

well this coming weekend (may 8-10 is the 2009 congress of jugglers at the university of maryland. anyone is welcome not just jugglers and there should be a few unicyclists there, we plan on doing some unicycle hockey etc.

however the real purpose of this thread is to let everyone know that myself and friend will be making a trip to baltimore, maryland and the inner harbor to do some street riding on sunday from about 10 or 11 in the morning until whenever. anyone is welcome to come along, all that i ask is that if you plan on coming and riding with us please pm me your cell phone number along with your name. since we don’t have a real set start place mostly because i’ve never been there before it would be handy to have your number so that we could find each other.

also if there are any street riders native to baltimore, maryland that want to help orchestrate this day as far as a meeting place please feel free to do so.

that’s all for now and i hope to see some of you there

I live in southern maryland!
I would be willing to meet up for a street ride, im not good though.

It’s cool I’m not great either. It’ll mostly be a chance ride with another unicyclist and have some fun. Let me know if you’re interested


i want to come

i have a commitment at 1:00 in rockville so the earlier the better for me. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’ll pm you.

hey i got you pm, we’re going to try and be there as early as possible but it kind of depends on when check out time from our hotel is. i’ll text you around 9 am maybe a little earlier on sunday and then we’ll talk about a meeting place.