2008 What ever happened to Kevin McMullin?

Kevin McMullin is my favourite rider so I’m interested to know these things-
#How often does Kevin post on the forums cos I have never seen him post once since I joined the forums in January.
#How can I contact Kevin without him not replying or deleting me or something like that? (I added Shaun Johanneson onto my msn list but he deleted me :frowning: lol…)
#When is kevins next video coming out? because his first 2 that I have seen out of heeps of unicycling videos that I have watch, his are the best of all, Xavier Collos “no flip in flat” is just as good.

Anymore information on Kevin?

He posts when he wants to, but not that often.

Why do you want to contact him? Why would he want to talk to you? I’m sure you are a nice guy but if I were him or shaun and a random kid is adding me to msn that I have no relationship with then I would probably delete you as well.

As far as I know only Kevin will know when his next vid will be out. If you want to see kevin ride then pick up Defect or the other DVD he was in.

I saw Kevin ride at FLUCK last summer. Far as I know (which isn’t much haha) he’s still riding.

I think I heard he bent his tailbone or something a while back too… but that was a long time ago.

As far as I know, Kevin has one more year left of school at UNC. He’s still riding, but getting old and washed up. Someday he’ll land more tricks and post a little video.


UNC as in university of north carolina?


Wow, only a few hours away. Would be sick if he were down for a ride sometime.

Just PM him, he’s pretty cool about riding with people. Even those way below his level (me).

Damn… Why do i live in minnesota? The only person who i’d like to ride with in this state Jon A.

Why cant i live in like Cali, or Illinois? lol… Or oregon, washington, canadia etc.

(on, unreal wheel lives here)


I’ve added ducttape, patsandy100, unikid2, and Tatooed Bandit and they dont mind me and like talking. Why would he want to talk to me? I wouldn’t be a completely random kid, I would be a unicyclist which would make alot of difference to just a normal kid that doesnt rite one but probably not enough for him to talk to me. If I were that good, I would love to share unicycling tips and other things to other unicyclists. But who knows, If i were as good as shaun johanneson i could change my mind…

do you think he would be bothered to help me? He’s an awesome rider and I love his grinds.

??? Arnt you kevin mcmullin? It seems like you know Kevin or somethin cos your saying “Kevin has one more year left of school at UNC.” Wouldn’t you say “I have”? Sorry if this sounds stupid.

he might be sad that you have a low res spencer as your avatar.






why admire people so much when you have the time and talent to become better than they imagine for themselves?

Oh, it sounds well beyond stupid, son. You started the thread; accept some responsibility for paying attention within it.