2008 Unitour

Flat riding is actually really hard. You have to keep pedalling, there’s nowhere to rest, and you’re using the same muscle groups most of the time because it’s harder to stand up and pedal. It’s also harder on your bottom because of that.

Wobbling Bear- I’m hoping to knock off one of these tours every year. And it’s not that hard for me to organise (well it is, but most 80% of the work is done by the tour operator). So we’ll work our way around Asia/SE Asia eventually.

Dustin, I’ve added you to the mailing list.

Nathan, when are the US School Holidays? I’m actually thinking that Late March could be better for me next year.

Ken, here’s the schedule this year for Beau’s school, which is relatively representative of US High Schools (although the exact dates do vary a bit even in the same state):

Aug 28 - first day of school
Dec 20 through Jan 2 - Winter break
Feb 19-23 - February break
April 9-13 - Spring break
June 14 - last day of school

Other than the normal holidays sprinkled throughout the year plus a few school-specific days off, that’s it. Universities have different schedules depending on whether they’re on the quarter or semester system. Lots of them break for summer in May.

I like my schedule better: ready for a unitour at any time!


For universities and colleges in my part of NA, we start first week of September and finish about second week in December, then start up again first week of January, have a week long break on some random week in March, then finish in May.

I’m only doing first semester though, and then working until late May, early June to go to Europe for a few weeks, then I will be in Eastern Asia until Unicon.

Any Chance of doing a unitour through Taiwan around that time? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not really serious about that, but it would be pretty sweet to uni across Taiwan.

I would love to do the unitour some time in mid or late summer as a bit of a trainer for the ride the lobster, but I guess that is hard for some people. O and Nathan had the same priorities as me in terms of which rides would be cooler in my mind.

Ok, the 2008 Unitour is almost confirmed and it is most likely that the destination will be Vietnam. We will be doing The Hanoi to Saigon coastal route.

So yes, bring on Uninam 2008! :sunglasses:

I’ll have a further update in a couple of weeks. Let me know if you want to be on the mailing list.

Proposed route:

The Uninam '08 tour
Day 1 | Hanoi
The tour starts in the capital Hanoi. Arrive early if you want to explore the city or take a trip out to Halong Bay.
Day 2 | Hue
After a morning flight we arrive in the former capital. In the afternoon we’ll take a warm up ride in the city and surrounding area visit the ancient palace and the tomb of an emporer.
Days 3-5 | Riding to Hoi An
Heading out of Hue we ride along the coast overnighting at a beach resort before riding 11km uphill to the top of Hai Van Pass. In beautiful Hoi An enjoy a rest day to explore the historic town.
Days 6-8 | Riding to Quy Nhon
Taking backraods we ride more of the beautiful Vietnamese coastline. In Quy Nhon we will stay at the exclusive Life Resort and enjoy a rest day in luxury.
Days 9-10| Riding to Nha Trang
The final two days riding take us to the beachside town of Nha Trang - a great fun place to celebrate the end of the ride.
Days 11-12| Saigon
We travel by train to bustling Saigon and the end of a unique journey through Vietnam.

What: Fully supported Unitour, accomodation, most meals, support vehicle provided.
Total Distance: 491km
Days Cycling: 7
Proposed dates: Sometime between Early Jan and late March 2008
Costs: TBA
Riding Conditions: We ride on a well made main highway and back highways with little traffic. There are a couple of big hills to ride up (and down) but it is mostly a generally flat tour.

I have plenty of vacation - so it looks like I’ll be there! Sounds fun although the China one sounded maybe even better. But I’ve been to China and never to Vietnam.


Looks like a great tour with some amazing scenery. Put me down as “highly interested”. I’ll have the vacation time and funds, and close to a year to work on getting the “hall pass” from the family.

If it happens to fall on the third week of february and the price is “student loan” friendly i would be very interested.

looks like an amazing trip and a good experience.