2008 Unitour

Hi Everyone,

I’m in the initial stages of putting together a Unitour for 2008. The original plan was for The Monguni Tour (Mongolia), but I’ve decided to push that back to August 2009. It would not be practical (for me anyway) to do Mongolia when we have two other major events during that part of year (Ride The Lobster stage race in Nova Scotia www.ridethelobster.com, and Unicon 14 www.unicon2008.dk). Mongolia has to be done in their summer, which clashes with the other two events.

So the plan is to stick with our (Southern Hemisphere) summer Unitours Jan/Feb 2008.

The choices are:

  • North Vietnam “The Uninam Tour”
  • India “The Induni Tour”
  • China, Yunnan Province “The Chinuni Tour or Yunnanuni Tour”

Have a look at Grasshopperadventures.com for photos and ideas of the above. The tours will be taylored to suit us, but the aim is for a 14 day Unitour with approximately 500km riding, and several rest days in between. The tours are fully supported with support vehicle, most meals, accomodation provided. Those of you that came to Laos will have an idea of what it will be like.

Let me know if you would like to be on the mailing list. Email Ken at Lissica.com

Ken Looi

Awww man I was really looking forward to the Mongo uni tour. If you decide to change it up at all and do a tour in asia in summer of 2008, that is where I will be up until unicon. I may still join this tour but I doubt it. It would be really cool to go to unicon then mongo tour then ride the lobster all one after the other!

My pic would probably be the Younanuni tour if I go.

I will still try and go but it will depend on a my cash flow by then.

are you going to post more info on the “ride the lobster” race im very interested in that

If I could come (and I would REALLY like to) I would like India the best…but chances are I won’t be able to make it. Unless I come up with lots of money by then…which could be possible…hmm…put me on the mailing list.
For now.

I tried to send mail, but it bounced back not sure why. I’d like to get added.

Curious about the sentence that says “So the plan is to stick with our (Southern Hemisphere) summer Unitours Jan/Feb 2008.”, but the locations listed all seem to be Northern Hemisphere, where that time of year wouldn’t be summer. I assume I’m confused, just not sure in which way. :slight_smile:

Maybe since he is in the southern hemisphere he considers those to be southern :stuck_out_tongue: just cause hes ontop of his side of the world :D.

I still looking for mongo unitour, august 2009 is perfect for me, unfortunately I won’t be able to do everything . . .

Err, I think you’re geographically confused. Last time I looked China, Vietnam and India are south of the equator.

Will have to come on one of these tours someday. Can’t commit to anything, but will keep an eye on what’s going on.


Here is a map for you. Lucky you’re not doing geography!

On a sort of related note, there used to be an overland (except for crossing the channel) cycle tour route from London to India. But you can’t do it any more I think, what with having a choice of a country we’ve bombed into the dark ages already, or a country we’re threatening to bomb into the dark ages (Afghanistan, Iran) to go through. Although they have just opened up travel between India and China, which might make it possible again, it looks on maps like you can go via Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, but that involves going right through Kashmir, I dunno how sensible that is.


(Vitually) only Joe (or Sam - talking UK riders) would consider safety being an issue, rather than distance :astonished:

Getting back on topic I assume Northern Hemisphere but near the equator, is considered ridable in Jan/Feb by Ken? Personally I can’t attend I’ve apparently persuaded my wife about another Unicon (she talked about it yesterday :smiley: ) and I’m working on RTL :wink: possibly as support after tonight’s ride…


Kashmir is a great place to ride, and everyone was really friendly - my only advice is if Saddam Hussein is hung while youre out there, be very careful and get out fast! I was lucky and flew out the day of the main disturbances, tear gas and curfews.

Mmm. Yeah, that sounds bad.

I really want to visit Kashmir some time, as it’s the only part of that region where the cuisine contains a lot of mushrooms. I love Indian food, I love mushrooms, what could be better than that combination?

These guys did London - Beijing http://www.chinacycle.co.uk/planning.php on bikes, but not particularly fast, I think uni touring wouldn’t be much different in terms of time, particularly if you packed light. But having said that, for really super long tours like that, bikes make much more sense. I’ve just got a 2nd hand road bike, and it’s surprisingly easy to go at 20mph on it, feels just like you are pootling along. On a bike it wouldn’t be too hard to average 100 miles a day including inevitable break downs and stuff. Which makes it much easier to fit in without taking a full year out to do it.


When was the last time you looked…Pangaea? :wink:

He’s an engineer. And we all know engineers aren’t that hot at geography!



Heh, I meant that I’d like to organise a tour during my Summer, which means around Jan/Feb.

Tom, I think I have your email address anyway.
James, if you want to get on the mailing list you need to send me an email ken dot looi at gmail.com


p/s It looks like some people will get lost even before they get to the start of the Unitour

Doh! It’s all that space down there that confused me. Bloomin Southern Ocean. Sorry Tom.

Back to chips…


I thought about Mongolia for my 60th birthday but then realised I would probably not be able to do it (very expensive to fly there, and my Coker riding just getting worse and worse).
So I was interested in your project on Iceland (both Mongolia and Iceland have a suitable climate though Iceland may be a trifle too humid for me: I can’t really stand tropical climates).
any other unicycle tour that could be on “rough trails” and with a dry climate?
may be in 2009 low cost flights will reach Ulan-Bator and my Coker riding will improve :o

It would be great if I could get there, definitely interested, will send you a mail Ken.

Ken you know I’m there if at all possible. The bummer about Jan/Feb is that American and other northern hemisphere schools are in session, and it won’t be possible for Beau to go on one of these any more.

My preference order after reading the descriptions:

China: http://www.grasshopperadventures.com/tour-BACY07.php
Vietnam: http://www.grasshopperadventures.com/tour-GHVC07.php
India: http://www.grasshopperadventures.com/tour-BACY07.php

For everyone in the northern hemisphere, one thing to consider when thinking about a tour like this is that your training will be at an inconvenient time of year. In California we didn’t have much problem getting ready for a Jan 20 departure for Laos, but riders in many parts of the US and Europe etc will have a much tougher time. On the other hand, Jesper and Thomas came to Laos from Denmark and were very strong on the hills. We didn’t understand how they could’ve done that until they described all their training rides - flat, but always with BLASTING headwinds. They claim that a 40km/h headwind is like a steep hill. They would know too. Both of them cruised up an 1800m climb on the second riding day in Laos. Anyway, these tours aren’t much fun unless you’re in peak condition and that means a lot of riding in the months right before.

Looking forward to these adventures alot,

Yeah, every time I step out my front door I’m pretty much carried away here in Newfoundland. Usually when I go out for a day trip I spend half the day throwing myself into the headwinds and getting thoroughly tired before turning around and letting the wind carry me home. On MUT it’s going to be interesting to see how the geography compares to here. I think it’s flatter most everywhere else on the whole!