2008 Torker TX Giraffe: $60 in Chicago

I bought this giraffe in 2008 and used for a single 3 mile ride before shattering my spine in a high speed bicycle accident a week later. It hasn’t been used since, and is still like new, with dust. Pickup in Chicago preferred.

Torker giraffe

Hello, I’m interested in the unicycle and live in Chicago.

Mike if I were 2000 km closer I would pay the $60 to shake your hand. $60 is a steal of a deal.

Bump! Still available, $50.

Handshakes are free.

Our you near the NW suburbs of Rolling Meadows or Hoffman Estates?

In the city: medical district

Still there?

Is it still available? Willing to ship? Wish you were closer though, I’m in NC, and a quick estimate looks like UPS would be about $45. :frowning:

I kinda hope it’s already sold so I don’t have to decide if it’s worth it to me! :slight_smile: $50, I’d shake your hand and buy you a milkshake! $95 and I’d have to really think about it…

The giraffe is still for sale. Cannot afford to ship it though. Would also trade for a fat 1/8.