2008 sixsixone comp gloves for sale.

i am selling a pair of 2008 sixsixone comp gloves. only worn 2-3 times.

i will sell for $25 shipping us only

pm me or post if you want to buy first come first serve


Better keep them Buddy :astonished:

well i am feeling generous i only need $20 so i will sell them for that price

what size?

XL but could fit a large


WRONG YOU FAIL. those are not the 2008 version.

They may be lightly used, but for $4.95 more people can just get a brand new pair. $20 is too much. Depending on how close people are compared to you or sixsixone, getting a new pair might be cheaper.

I can get em for $15 with the sponsorship.:slight_smile:

i don’t even need 20 anymore.

anyone want them for $14?

ill pay shipping and send you a surprise of my choosing for them. deal?

A surprise of your choosing could be anything ranging from a baggy of iguana urine to a burnt piece of toast.


$14 only

$10 maybe? (let me try them on)


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