2008 or 9 kh long neck ridden for 2 months 100$

There you have it.

Along with a nice kh 08 or 9 rim.

Some may see this is my second thread, but I don’t think the other is grabbing enough attention and it is imperative I get rid of this. Redundant, I know, sorry.

Seriously, both awesome deals.

I’ve got a brand new cc for 30$ as well, if you kind enough to pick up both frame and rim it’s 20$. Can include innertube.

Also have a kh seat post clamp, kh post, or steel uncut posts available.

Your never going to come across a pretty much new kh frame for this price, just isn’t happening.

The kh was bought whole then parted, not sure what year exactly, first year longnecks I think, rim has offset spokes and eyelets. Double walled.

I can email any pics you may want and some are in the other thread Coker and trials must go

How much for all

Frame is 100, rim is 40 ad 20 for the cc, 5 for a steel post, will ship with chopped alu post for running slammed free, and the seat post clamp for 5, so your looking at 170. Spokes and nipples come with the rim as a freebie, cut for older blue/black hubs, but can be purchased alone for 15$.

I am looking for a complete Unicycle. If I am reading this post right, what your selling is NOT a complete unicycle?

Yes, but I do have a complete for sale, cheap and strong. Isis with Kh cranks. Not pretty by any stretch, but strong and well. Very ugly.

Great first.

Pm if interested.

Is it the “white russian with some terrible insane clown posse stickers”
I am interested…PMed.

People this is an amazing deal… seriously.

so is there enof for a whole uni and if not what would i need and how much?

do you still have the frame and will you ship to hungary if we pay shipping?

Knoxuni… are you serious? Read the post… NO NOT A WHOLE UNI YOU WILL NEED MORE PARTS OKAY? READ THE POST.

Aidanteleki, yes, I could, I’m not sure that is the best option, but as long as I get my cash I could careless where you want this shipped. Give me your address so I can get a quote tomorrow. Your responsible for all import/duty/shipping fees. Alright?

There is a black kh hub and qu-ax crankset now up for sale. Meaning you get that + the rim I toss the spokes and nips for free and you’ve got yourself a high class wheel for only 100$. And I’ve got a tire to wrap it with. And a frame for that matter.

What are nips?
Your latest offer makes an almost complete uni for how much total?

The missing parts are?
Seat, Post, seatpost clamps, tube, pedals

Yeah, that would be missing, though I do have all of those parts for sale or free as well, except for the seat.

Original buyer, first guy just called, and had a good reason for not contacting me, so now he is first in line. If for some god awful reason the universe just wants him to not have this I’ll let you know.

Nips or nipples attach the spokes to the rim. Those little barrel like device you turn to tighten spokes.