2008 or 2009 KH 24"?

I just received my new 24" KH! I spent the day riding it around the Presidio and Land’s End trails in San Francisco and it’s just -such- a step up from the 2008 Torker DX I’d been riding. It’s stunning.

That said, I’m a bit confused. While I ordered an 09 KH 24", the one I received has a saddle with a Velo base and carriage bolts. I’d assumed that a 2009 uni would come with the new 2009 saddle? I’m somewhat disappointed because I’d wanted to be able to attach the KH T-Bar, which only works with the 2009 saddle.

I’m also wondering if I might have gotten a whole '08 uni, but I’m not sure how to tell the difference.

So: Has anyone received an '09 KH with a '08 saddle? How can I spot the difference between an '08 24" and a '09 24"?

I read through this, but it wasn’t enlightening for my purposes:


Additionally, the hub has polished flanges like the one showed in the KH 2010 lineup post:

Not all black like the one in the 2009 lineup post:

Here’s my hub:

Here are some other detail shots of my uni:

Any ideas?

email UDC or were you got it from they should be able to fix you up with the right equipment even if it means sending the saddle back. I’m not to sure about the hub it looks like a 2010. (you might be one luck person with the first 2010 hub) remember to include your order number

That is definitely not a 08 hub. I would phone whoever you bought it from and explain that you were expecting the seat that was supposed to be specked with an 09 unicycle.

Depending on who you bought it from and how they do things they should just replace your saddle unless it said specifically in the product description that it had the old saddle in which case you would probably have to pay the difference.

Well I’m positive that’s a 09 hub because I still have an the 09 line up specs with tha being a new hub for 09

Xyphota, could you link to the info you’re talking about? The 09 details I linked to here only show the 2009 hub with black flanges:

Please note that my uni has the CroMo hub and the center section is metal. It is not the MomenTi titanium hub with the carbon fiber center and titanium flanges.

saskatchewanian and unicycler100: Yeah, I’m going to call the folks who sold it to me in the morning, but I wanted to check here to make sure this is actually out of the ordinary before I pestered them.

Oh I’m sorry I think I’m just confusing my self but I’m pretty sure the 08 model is pure black without the “Kris Hom moment” thing on it, but I could be wrong… Again

If I am not mistaken the 08 hub looked like a Nimbus hub but with KH cutouts in the flanges.

Thanks for your help Emile.m! It looks like my hub is certainly not a 2008, and is probably either some weird mid-run 2009.5 or 2010. Cool.

Back to the main question, has anyone else ever purchased a 2009 KH uni and had it show up with the old pre-2009 saddle?

Spoke to UDC Canada today and they confirmed that a 2009 KH is supposed to have the 2009 saddle. They’re going to try and work something out for me.

Mystery solved.

And to end this little saga:

Peter at UDC Canada has been an utter gentleman through and through. Suffice it to say that he’s getting me the correct saddle for my '09 and that the level of service and support he’s given me have far, far exceeded my expectations.

When I first got into unicycling the near-monopoly that the UDC companies have made me a bit nervous. They’re not monopolies, though. Just companies with great products and service who deserve their loyal following.

Great stuff.