2008 Kris Holm 24" Muni

Paypal only, ships from Nashville, TN, USA. No overseas shipping and only lower 48 please. I’m asking $400 plus $30 shipping, serious offers only please.

I bought this awesome KH muni around April 2008, and only rode it a few times and off-road only once. It’s in great condition, with the only wear being the scrapes on the saddle front and back and the pedal sides. More pictures via the link at the bottom.

Fusion freeride saddle
KH cranks are 7" or 18cm
24" Duro tire
Odyssey pedals
KH Isis hub

Lots more pics HERE


Check the inside of your crank arms, where the pedal holes are. It’ll list the actual size of the cranks in mm. Probably they’re 150s. KH doesn’t make a 180 crank. But more accuracy may help sell your uni. Good luck with it–I think you’re asking a very decent price.

Check PM

I sent a PM yesterday

Super deal, someone should jump on that quick. Nice uni, looks brand new!


They are 150mm, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


This one is sold as of tonight!

Does this look like an '07 to anyone else? I’m seeing a rail adapter and the hub doesn’t look like the '08… Also I didn’t think they had the 08s in April… maybe July.

Its still a pretty good deal.

Yeah I think it’s an 07 too.

model year

I didn’t realize that another model had come out. Since I bought this uni in 2nd quarter 08’, I assumed it was a model year 08’. After reading your posts and looking at the KH website which states “Fall 08’ Product Lineup” I’m sure that this is an 07 and not an 08.

I notified the buyer and offered to discuss a return. For now though the uni is still “sold”.

Yes yes yes

Please send me a private message. I think I’ll buy it:D:p

He sold it more than 2 weeks ago.

im 13 years old and this would be amazing for me! i’d get alot of use out of it =D the only problem is that im paying for it on my own and i dont know if ill be able to get 400… will you go for 350? and would you ship to canada? i couldnt get the pics >.< could you e-mail some to me? : fentonliam@hotmail.com thanks bro!

dammit he did? >.<

He sold it around 2 years ago…

I have a 2010 KH 24" in like NEW condition I’ll sell you for $450 shipped.

oh sweet! yeah ill think about it! e-mail me : fentonliam@hotmail.com … have any pics you could send ?