2008 kh 24"

I bought this unicycle before starting university, rode it a lot, and then less and less as school took over my life.
Now school is done!
I’m anxious to get back into riding, but I’ve always wanted to try a 26"or 29", so I’m looking to sell and try something new.
I took it out for a ride recently, and I’m really impressed by what a well built uni this is. Still totally solid and durable. It does need a new tire, and has its share of nicks and scratches.
I may try to sell it locally, but I wanted to post it here in case someone is interested, and I also want to get a sense for a realistic asking price.
Suggestions please…

I know I bought it later in 2007, so I’m assuming it is a 2008, but I’m not totally sure. Maybe someone could provide some insight on that as well. The Bedford Unicycles sticker is covering the spot where the date normally would be.