2008 era KH36, aero rim, Magura HS22, nightrider

I’ve decided to sell my 36er distance unicycle. Its a little blast from the past. I built the wheel back in 2007 and then upgraded the frame when KH came out with the KH36 frame in like 2010 or so.

I’ve ridden this on several 100 mile rides and its been a super solid ride for me- but I just don’t ride it anymore. It now taunts me from its hook in the basement and I’m ready to move it on to someone else.

I built the wheel with stainless 14 ga spokes, Unicycle Factory 12ga ss nipples to fill the Aero 12 ga sized spoke nipple holes, spoke washers and nipple washers. Its a high tension build and the its only needed a few adjustments over the years. The rim is a custom powder coated double wall Aero 36er rims from back in the day. Hub is Nimbus ISIS and tire is a sub 200 mile nightrider with the Boss light weight tubes. Brakes are the Magura hydraulic HS22/HS33 frankenbrakes that I made about 7 years ago and sold a bunch of them to Uni community members. Also has custom color matched Magura four bolt brake mounts in KH blue. You should be able to search for frankenbrake on here to find out more about that. The brake tube is super long to fit my distance aero-handlebar set up. I can leave it long or trim and re-bleed for you if you want me to. Atomlab sealed pinned pedals. The unicycle is in great condition with new hub bearings and wheel truing less than 200 miles ago. Also, I don’t wreck much on my distance uni, so my equipment stays nice and doesn’t get torn up or damaged.

No seat post or saddle because I’m keeping my distance saddle and post here for another unicycle.

Le me know if you want to see different pics or have questions. The Price is $500 plus around $50-$75 to ship in the US. Paypal is best for me. If you are interested, message me and I’ll get a more exact shipping quote. I’ll pack and box this so it will arrive in the same condition its in now.
You can email me directly at uniflasher@gmail.com or text/call at 503-358-2252.

PS: I also might have a KH29 Schlumpf unicycle for sale here (hub #359 with 125/150 KH cranks and KH29 wide rim and Surly Knard tire) that is still like new and might have around 200 miles on it. And since I never really got good at shifting on the fly its been in high gear when ever used. Similar to the 36er, its been road ridden and rarely UPD-ed.


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Price drop. Now $400 plus shipping

Now $400 plus shipping

Now $400 plus shipping