2008 540 unispin competition

alright you got me spencer haha i was thinking about just letting someone else get it cause yeah but i was like 2 days off haha!!! hey spencer i have a question what do you think of the black dominia frame and the koxx 135 street cranks? you ever ridden them?

im in, i only landed a 360 today but well see wat happens

the trophy doesn’t have any colours:(

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Yeah I used to ride them but I prefer a kh frame and moments with rollo disks. The koxx cranks used to kill my ankles (they were bloody every day) and they always ripped up the sides of my shoes. I also like 125mm cranks more than 135 but that’s just preference. The KH frame is nice because it doesn’t have pointy corners to hit your legs on.

makes sense. thanks bro!:slight_smile: can i put kh moments on a koxx hub?

You can, but it will not fit perfectly… To have a nice setup just buy a KH hub…

Now back to the original theme…

I’m in. I had landed 2 360 unispins 1 day before the 360 unispin comp started :angry:
Oh well this is my chance. :slight_smile:

im in.

i stomped a 540 earlier today.

i can feel them coming.

Bags second. Uploading as we speak

oh you lucky boy.Im about to go out and land one cause i got really close yesterday…

i Got super super close but i got my finger stuck in the hole ine the handle :angry: and couldnt try anymore

Grrr Youtube’s incredibly slow. I’ll have to compress the file even more. Had some problems with interlacing or something.

Oh gutted Michael. The hole in the handle can be lethal. I think I’ve heard of people breaking fingers in them


i can smell the tension.

Here we go:

Sorry about the delay, and the incredibly bad quality - it was taking ages so I had to compress the living daylights out of it. No idea why it went all narrow with the black strips though…

Also a close-ish attempt at a rolling 540; I’ll get them one day.

Thanks for the comp guys,

EDIT: I landed 2, the rest are slow-mos/failz

Man that was sick !! Good work :sunglasses:

gah i landed this aobut 1 and a half hours ago
and my laptop has decided that no video software wants
to work.



i shotgun 3rd.

damnit !!! if it wasnt for the handle i would have gotten 3rd

haha i did that when i was showing off with a 3 spin. It ripped a lot of skin off but i landed it.