2008 540 unispin competition

Ok so this is a 540 unispin comp


-Can’t have landed before
-Must get on video
-Comp starts after 5 people join
-1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded


Good luck and im in

I feel sooooo bad for Isaac.

You couldn’t have posted this yesterday:)

of course not

Oh darn. Haha. I don’t care. I know I won :wink:

I’m in!

Probably won’t have much time to ride due to my end of year exams being in a few weeks, but I’ll give it a go tomorrow, weather permitting.

Good luck.

Im in.

I’m in hope i land it soon

Hmmm - 3 comps at once? (crankflip, 75 cm high jump)

And getting so close on the other two.

Aaahh - what the heck. I’m in.

I’m in. I’ll see how I can do. I’ve gotten close once or twice, but really wasn’t that close. Kind of a one foot on, the other foot failing to stay supportive type of thing. Its a tough trick.

I’m in.

Actually the craankflip comp is over, but 3rd place in the 3spin comp is still open, and there’s the 7spin comp.

i think i might be in…

haven’t even attempted them yet but whatever…

YEAH THE 7SPIN :smiley:

Watch out guys, I’m close :wink:

I think that Gui from Brazil is in for that… I will tell about this competition to him :smiley:

My personal crankflip comp goes on until I land it… :wink:

Im in !! I got close yesterday :smiley:

im in!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t you just land them?

In my current, 16" obsessed state of mind, shouldn’t there be a wheel size rule?

yea landed my first right on video:D
i hope i have it at night online

sorry for double post but i just got the vid online:

it’s still converting


Nice, are you gonna put the trophy in your sig?