2007 Torker DX crank replacements?

Hey, my muni is a 2007 Torker LX, the red model with the horrid crank arms with the ankle busting and pant-catching knobs all over them. Anyone have one of these unis and put different cranks on them? I am an absolute newb to everything unicycle so it never even occurred to me that I could replace these terrible cranks… maybe it’s possible, maybe it isn’t… can anyone more knowledgeable than me point me in the direction of different cranks I could buy and what I’d need to do/have to install them? It would be great if I could put shorter crank arms on it that don’t have knobs all over them.

the old school 10 spline Qu-Ax cranks fit on the Torker DX hub. They are not any better nub wise though.

Look up “denubbing” there should be at least a few threads on how people ground them off.

EDIT: just noticed you said LX, they have normal square taper cranks which you could replace with whatever square taper cranks you want. Sounds like you are describing a DX though.

Dang. I was mostly hoping to be able to put shorter cranks on it. Maybe I can find some old shorter Qu-Ax cranks. I have mostly learned to live with the nubs. Ankle braces protect my ankles when I go all sideways.

Thanks tho!

If this is a DX and not an LX (as Saskie is mentioning) then Torker also made a 125mm crank. They used it on their 20" trials unicycles.

You might try putting out a request for a set of those on the trading post.

Yeah! I dunno how I typed LX, I am talking about the DX. Thanks for the heads up, I will definitely do this! Some 125 cranks would be AMAZING.


You can buy them through Amazon or UDC in different sizes. Here is an example:



Since those don’t look anything like the original Torker DX cranks I have on now, I’m a little wary of buying them only to find they don’t work… I’ll have to take the cranks off and look at them and see if they’re similar, but I am pretty sure the DX is splined and not square like that. Maybe I will try to contact Torker and ask them.

I was thinking LX. These look like cranks on an LX, but I have never looked carefully at the cranks on a Torker DX.


Here are some pictures I found on the internet of the cranks I am looking to find shorter versions of…

Those are LX cranks or square taper cranks. DX cranks are a 10 spline setup. not a square taper. Quax also used the 10 spline option however I do not know what lengths they were supplied in.