2007 Torker DX 125mm cranks

I heard a rumor that there was 125mm cranks for the 2007 (and older I assume) model of the Torker DX. I am talking about the red model with the cranks that have knobs coming out the top and sides of the cranks. A pair of 125mm cranks would do me a lot of good since I’m currently running the original 175mm cranks for both muni and road use.

Willing to pay for them, pay for shipping, etc, etc. Please PM me or contact me at amiantos@gmail.com

Thank you!

Just a note re: original crank length for the 24" DX. I believe that it is 150mm & not 175mm.

I thought I measured them, but it wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong about something… I might just be thinking of my CX cranks, which are 175mm.

You have to mesure from the center of the hub to the center of the pedal’s hole. My Torker came with the 150mm cranks. I’m pretty sure the Qu-ax 10 splines cranks will fit the Torker hub too.

I have a pair of 125’s but since its very hard to get brand new DX cranks (when I wanted a pair of 150’s it took 2 months and $75) I would rather sell them with the entire wheel. Wheel is 2007 model DX, so 38mm Alex rim, Torker DX hub and DX 125 cranks, and half worn CC tire. I would be willing to sell the whole thing for $60+shipping. Buying a pair of DX cranks through a store that carries Torker will cost $75, if they even still have the model that is non-ISIS.

Sorry I’m not willing to part out, but the wheel is useless without those cranks. Let me know if we can work out a deal.

This is better than getting just the cranks. I’ll send you a PM. Thanks all who’ve responded!