2007 stats

i looked but couldn’t find the thread. Probably because i’m old and doddering.

In 2007 i got 98 miles in on my 24" with a hookworm tire. Almost all street/bike path.

I did the bulk of my riding during lunch at Fermilab during the summer, riding around the ring roads. The hotter the days, the better, of course.

These maps are representative of the kind of rides i did, minus the various embellishments i added each day.

tev ring
mi ring(28 minutes door to door!)
tev center road

I got a several rides out to the center of the Tevatron ring, which was lots of fun (lots of birds. Big birds. And mosquitos.)

I was such a stud this year. :smiley:


Sorry, but these are not the stats I’m looking for.

Where is Klaas Bill with his summary of forum activity?

IIRC, Klass Bil said last year he was going to have to give that up.

Edit: He did hold out some possibility that they may re-emerge link