2007 Nimbus freestyle

cotterless 48 spoke hub, Primo Comet tire, 89mm cranks, clear odyssey twisted plastics, black nimbus gel seat. Prefer to part out as I’d like to keep the tire/pedals/valve cap but if a good enough offer is put on the table I’d consider selling it whole. The crank bolts are a little rusty but don’t stick and there is a mysterious squeak that happens on the downstroke of the right pedal I’ve checked everything that could cause this and it’s probably from the fact that the crank arm was once cross threaded(since been fixed but the squeak still persists)

I paid 300-ish for it in 2007 but since I used it well and you can’t get replacement frames for it now and such I’ll take anything around 175-200 for it whole. PM me offers on parts and or the whole unicycle. I’ll ship them out after payment is recieved(paypal)

I know people are reluctant to offer without pictures so here’s a few

bump. Offers anyone?

Honestly, I would’ve made you an offer if I hadn’t just ordered a brand new longneck freestyle the day before you posted this one. I had been looking here for a decent, cheap longneck freestyle for a while and just hadn’t seen one. If I had just waited one more day, I might have saved some cash and just gotten this one. Good looking uni, though. Good luck with the sale.


Thanks, haha I’m sorry I hadn’t posted this a day earlier and saved you the cash.

$25 pluss shipping. For the whole thing.

no, I’m not THAT desperate to sell.

Hey man,
I would offer $100 for it minus pedals, tire, and valvecap, shipped to NC.