2007 Koxx uni's

I recently brought the 2007 Koxx Devil Gold Edition uni from unicycle.co.uk when i assembled it and pumped up the tyre to my normal pressure (30psi) the tyre would not move because it was rubbing against the top the forks! it came with a Trial Sticky tyre and there was no way it was going to work. Even at 10psi it was still rubbing on the fork. Luckily i had an old worn Maxxis Creepy Crawler tyre so i put this on and took a file to the fork to try and make a better tyre clearance. Eventually and after alot of filing i got my tyre up to 30psi without any rubbing on the frame. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or problems like this with their Koxx uni’s?

Whoa, no never heard of that. It should have for sure fit. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE FILED IT DOWN. You may have messed up your chance at sending it back for the frame that fits your tire. I would hope that they still will take back the frame, but usally when you alter the products thats it, its yours. In this case, it sounds like a bunk frame. Tho it may be a freestyle frame.

Sorry to hear that happend.
Hope all works out

Yes I know this problem. My brother has a online shop and had the same problem on many koxx unicycles.

They have really close fitting frames. I bought an Orange Bud and had slight rubbing but it was left over rubber from the mold. After riding for less than three min. it stoped.

Yeah I dont think you should have filed the frame. The tire costs less and would not be as bad if you shaved off a bit of it. I would have called the place you got it from before filing it down.

you only have to fix the frame once. the tire you have to do everytime you get a new tire

You can try to put pieces of rubber (like strips from a popped tube) in the top bearing holder to shim up the frame a little bit.

A friend of mine just bought a K1 White Widow and his tire clearance is realy litle.
Almost hits the frame.

Peter M

funny, my red devil frame is fine on clearance… mind you it wasnt bough in 07 but like november 06 but still… weird issue.

I thought it was just the street frames that had very little clearance but maybe its just the new batch of all of them?

well the street frames just havea different finish, i’m guessing the whole batch would have a problem…

Yeah, before I just thought it was intentional on the street frames because people like less clearance for some tricks…guess not.

my orange bud doesnt have much clearance at all, but i dont have any problems with the tire hitting the frame either…its a 2007 model…

Think it could be from the castings of the tires? I dont think all rubber tires could be all made to be perfectly in their mold specs. Some tires may jsut be a tinny ‘fatter’ than others.

Just a guess.