2007 KHU Factory Team

Hey All,

Just wanted to announce the 2007 lineup for the KH Factory Team. Members are:

Ryan Atkins (Canada)
Kevin McMullin (Canada)
Shaun Johanneson (USA)
David Weichenberger (Austria)
Céline Novik (France)
Cecelia Ocana (France)
Amanda Gallacher (UK)

It’s really cool to see the team get bigger and I’m particularly happy to balance the team out between guys and girls.

Also, David Hobbs is joining the KH Ambassador team, which was formed to sponsor top athletes outside the unicycling community. David is a member of the U.S. National Telemark Ski Team, and he already does quite a bit of muni riding.

Rider bios will be up soon at krisholm.com.

Kris Holm

man i wish i was in on that uni girls vid it looks like most of them got sponsered

Good job to the people who got sponsored! Didn’t see some of those coming though. Great to see some girls on there too. Also nice to see some European riders being sponsored. Only one missing from that list is Zack Baldwin:(

Usually when you quit, you stop getting free stuff.

I know, I wish he hadn’t quit is what I am saying.

Nice, that is really cool. Congrats to all of them.

way sweet. glad to see u expanding the team. congrats to everyone on the team.

Congrats to all…and a big thank you to Kris for building up the team and building up the sport. It’s all just gaining more and more momentum…it’s a great time to be a unicyclist!

Zach hasnt quit. He is back riding, but because of a recent job accident, he is injured and cant ride for a few weeks.

But he is back riding.

Thank you Jerrick, I was just about to say this.

I’ve ridden with Dave several times, he does crazy northshore muni… of which I am jealus…

Thank you Kris I didn’t know half those people. lol. It’s a good team. Kevin Mcmullin will be with me from march 11-18. Hopefully if all his footage won’t be personal, I can get a vid out with us two in it. Help me out and talk him into it. lol. Thanks for the congrats, laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

Thats really cool, I thought something was up when Kevin mentioned he was no longer riding his GB4 uni.

I also really like how alot of your sponsored riders and ambassadors are from across the world. This is quite the elite team and I hope you all do well in the future.

weird how there is only 1 american rider…

Why is that wierd? It’s a Canadian company.

Oh wow thanks for bringing me back to earth… totally forgot and I am Canadian… plz call me a fool



well done all for getting on the team!

get an australian rider. tomsey is good.

It’s nice that you have so many girls on the team.

All of the riders are very good and getting better. Congratulations and respect to all of them.