2007 KH Trials.

[B]I am thinking very strongly about buying athe new KH trials. I’ve really not ridden trials much until recently, and I still haven’t even ridden one. I’ve been playin around the streets on my muni, and I’m having a blast hoppin around on things, and such.

What do yaz think about this uni, and would you recommend it or not.


I think you should do a search before asking a question that has been asked many times before.
yes I would recomend it though

Well I recently bought one-it’s still sitting unused in my front room. I guess I just love my KH MUni as an all-around uni! It’s great for everything except maybe certain tricks where a smaller, lighter uni is easier to use.

Plus my concern was that if I learned all my street stuff; drops, gaps, stair sets and stuff exclusively on a trials, then I would find the same things harder to pull off on the larger, heavier MUni when technical trail conditions called for similar distance hops/drops/gaps, etc

It also seems that the converse would hold true in that everthing I can do on my MUni would then seem easier on the trials uni. :sunglasses: HAving said all that, I don’t think you could go wrong with an '07 KH trials; they’re really top notch, strong & ultra lightweight! Let us know what you decide!

I would go with the trials. The hops and such is so much easier than a 24.
I rode a 24" for 8 months while I was waiting for a profile hub from bedford (another thing I don’t like). You can feel the bouncyness from the start.

Yeah. I really enjoy my Kh muni as well…I really like the fact that I can have a great time in the woods, and ride it around town and have fun too. But I think I am interested in the smaller wheel for in town fun. I’m gonna be trying a 20 uni (I don’t know what kind) this weekend coming, and that will help me decide.


I’m with Terry on this one. I bought a trials uni (a very nice Summit) that I thought I’d use when my riding buddies and I go to some natural trials-type areas around where I live. What’s happened is that the Summit is generally only used by my 12 year old son because I don’t enjoy riding it as much as I like my KH24. For one thing, I don’t find the tire on a trials uni to be as bouncy as a gazz, so I actually seem to do a little better on my muni than on the trials, hopping-wise. The only advantage I’ve found is when I need to mount on something really small, when the shorter stature of the trials uni makes it easier to get on (my muni’s seatpost doesn’t go down very far).

I’d try to borrow somebody’s for a few days first, and see if you actually like riding it. I’m glad to have the Summit, but would probably regret the purchase if my son didn’t get so much use out of it. I’ll probably go for a KH29 for my next purchase.

Go for it!

I have a KH24 and a KH29. I love both and am Hungering for the KH20!

Each is for thier own thing. Sometimes I just need the speed and then I love haveing the KH29. For riding technical trails the KH24 is the best. It is also great for riding around the city and dodging people jumping curbs and so on. However now that I have Unicycling basics(mounts, idling, forward and backward riding, frontward backward direction changes, climbing stairs and goiong down stairs) mastered I am hungering for a KH20 to start working on the showoff stuff like massive hops, railings and flips. There is just so much more control with the smaller wheel.