2007 KH Moment Hub Problems

Has anyone had any problems what so ever with 2007 Moment hubs? Have there been any mass defections or things like that?


There was an early problem with some being offcentered, but that was fixed I believe, and if you got one that was problematic then you could send it back.

There is also the issue in the cranks that all solid aluminum cranks have in that there is a small posibility of the cranks coming loose.

Apart from that there shouldn’t be anything wrong with them, apart from the usual crank compatibility issues with K1.

Thanks. That answers my question.


The one flaw is that the flanges are cut out too much-apparently as a weight savings idea-causing them to “ripple” and deform from the spoke tension, and probably also from just riding and weight bearing. For this reason, some people have replaced the KH moment hub with the nimbus, which has a thicker flange that is more solid.

The new flanges are different, also the flanges as far as I knew were the same thickness, just that they have different cut outs.

Pretty much all of the ISIS hubs have bendy flanges though, although if I remember correctly I think the Qu-ax ones are reinforced but I might be getting them confused with the old yellow hubs.