2007 kh 29

I bought this unicycle from the original owner in Oct 2009 for mixed on/off road riding. I’m sad to see it go but I’m consolidating my fleet.

  • 2007 KH 29 frame, 42mm bearing mounts - The paint was sanded off by the original owner. On close inspection some scratches are visible but overall it looks good.
  • KH double bolt clamp - New, Feb 2010
  • KH adjustable rail post with rail adapter - Seat post is long enough for 6'+ rider and 125mm cranks.
  • Black KH freeride saddle - The handle and bumper were replaced Oct 2009. Handle has been wrapped with inner tube for comfort and protection since new.
  • 2007 KH hub (with "KH" flange cutouts) and Qu-Ax light 125mm cranks - Cranks are new with less than 10 miles of road use.
  • KH 29" XC, double wall, 38mm wide, 36 hole rim - The rim has a ding in the sidewall from a rock strike. I've been using a rim brake for the past 9 months and it has had no noticeable effect on braking performance.
  • Black 13g spokes and silver brass nipples - The thicker 13g spokes that KH unis came with in 2007 mean the spoke nipples had thinner walls. Several of the nipples are mangled but workable for truing and tensioning the wheel, which I haven't had to do for over a year. Investing in a wheel re-build using new 14g spokes and nipples would lighten the wheel.
  • Big Apple 29x2.35" tire and Kenda 29" tube - Tire tread shows wear but has plenty of life left.
  • Black Odyssey Twisted PCs - Pedals show little use.
$310 + shipping

Ugh, I wish I had $310. Such an amazing deal!

were the 07 KH hubs ISIS?


As Simon said, it is an ISIS hub. I’m actually surprised that I left that out of the description.

Rim Ding

Here’s a photo of the rim ding as requested.


Am interested. Sent a PM.