2007 KH 29, extras, $400/OBO, SE USA

I have a 2007 KH 29, two hole Moments (150/125), new style KH adjustable seat post, choice of tires (Stout, Nevegal), only ridden a dozen times. I bough this uni to use on double track, but I never ride it, so it’s just collecting dust.

I’m located in Knoxville, Tennessee. I would prefer a local pickup, but will split the drive if it’s not that far. Will ship if the price is right. Looking for best offer over $400.

Contact by PM or e-mail bkadas AT bellsouth DOT net

Man i wish you had a 20inch for sale, im to short for a 29’ and you living in knoxville is convient. My bro lives in newport and he could just pic it up.
This is a good deal though some one needs to jump on it.

Hey Tyler, sorry I couldn’t help you out. I ride a 24", my 13 yo son rides a 20" and 24". If you’re riding trails, you really need 24", but if you ride street then a 20". Have you looked at Nimubs? For $300 you can get a sweet Trials, same as the KH but a steel frame and Nimbus brand seat and seat post.

Does your brother ride muni?

hey will you do 375? or 350? cus on unicycle.com a week ago they were only 350 bran new. I am interested because I was going to buy one from unicycle.com but they sold out about 2 houres before i called. thanks=)

Wow, $350 is a hell of a deal! Well, I paid more than that for sure ($500). A lot depends on shipping, it ain’t cheap to move these things. If I sell it for less that $400, you don’t get a tire choice, it’ll be the Nevegal for sure; I paid $50 for the Stout on top of buying the uni. Did you want to buy the brakes also?

Let me think on it. The lowere price I’ve seen is $400 plus shipping, which is still a good deal for a $600 uni.


He doesnt ride, he only rides BMX he’s not cool enough for one wheel! haha
Yea im thinking about getting a nimbus with moments and a Fusion saddle. Then upgrading the frame and rim and seat post then i will have a KH pretty much. Or if my iPhone sells i will get a KH

i’d consider the iphone lol. seriously pm me about it

I’m not saying that I can buy it but do you have any pics?

The KH 29 is still for sale. PM your e-mail and I can send you pics. It’s nearly new, so the pics will be the same as what you can see on shop websites. It’s a solid uni for a good price. Easily $200 less that retail and you get a ture choice! Brakes are optional, I have the UDC Maguras with steel braided lines, same near new condition as the uni.

Pictures added, finally! NOTE: THE BRAKE IS EXTRA!!!

Sold! Thanks Bo :slight_smile:

how was it

I know you sold,but how was that uni,thats the one I want to buy,did you buy something else,\P

How is the KH 29?

First off, I only ride muni, so to me it was too tall and the tire availability to limited, i.e. not enough volume/width.

However, many people believe the 29" wheel is the best for XC, which was what motivated me to buy one in the first place.

I am an intermediate muni rider, so maybe if I was a better rider, then a 29" would make more sense, though I’m not sure I’d like it any more unless I could get a true 2.5/2.6 high volume tire.

I am looking at building a KH 26, more of less the same as the KH 29 was built, but with a better tire and some lighter parts (Ti Hub, Carbon seat). I ride a Nimbus 24 Muni now with an Intense DH 3"/

KH 29er

Hello Ben,

Is your 29er still for sale? I saw that you posted “SOLD” but am very interested if it is still up for grabs. I live in Asheville and would gladly pick up.

Also I was wondering if you are part of a muni group in Knoxville. I was wondering if I could send some information about the Asheville Muni Fest in September for you to distribute to your friends. I hope you would consider coming to ride with us! Do you ever come to Asheville to ride?


The KH 29 has been SOLD.

As to the muni thing over this way, there are only a few riders, myself and my son, then a couple new riders who learned from my son. I think more people have unis, but I’m really the only adult out here on trails. I met a couple guys last year from Knoxville, but haven’t heard from them in a while.

We checked out the muni fest site, but now I can’t seem to find it. Can you link it to your next post? I’m sure we’ll be there, at least so we can do some rides with new folks :slight_smile:

Do you guys have organized rides on the weekend? Send me a PM and I’ll reply with my e-mail.


Hello Ben!

I’m really glad to hear that you plan to come to the Asheville MUni fest! The first one we had was very successful, but last year it was pretty small because it wasn’t advertised enough. This year is looking great! We have riders from Charlotte and Atlanta that are planning to attend, plus we have a good group in the Asheville area.

Sorry to hear that your 29er is sold! I’ve been looking into getting one. I know it isn’t as agile on the trail, but I have a couple of friends in Asheville that have them and ride them on trails here. Sometimes it is exciting to go a little faster!

OK. . … so I have a really stupid question. What is PM?

My email address is richardson_ben@yahoo.com is you have any questions about the festival. The URL is http://ashevillemunifest.webs.com/ I’ve noticed that some people accidentally put www before the address when they type it.

Talk with you soon!

Count me in as well for this! From what I saw on the website this looks like a lot of fun.

hello pisgah , I will be attending the ashville muni fest. I very exited because it will be the first time I can ride with other riders. I would have attended last year but I didn,t know about it:(. a pm is a personal message .

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