2007 KH 20 Trials, $300

This is my sons uni, he never got into street or trials, so it’s been sitting in the gear room collecting dust. It’s in great shape, outfitted with 125 moments and Odyssey Twisted PC pedals.

As you can see, this uni has barely any use, cranks are brand new, tire still has the rubber “center ridge”, I’d say it’s been ridden a couple miles in total. Most of the frame scratches are from transport and the few times my son tried tricks.

BTW, this is the “good KH hub”, which means you don’t have to worry about the dreaded creaking problems found in the newer KH hub.

I have 135’s available if the buyer wants a longer crank.

$300 plus shipping from Tennessee, 37830.

Quite a deal really, considering new a KH20 is $599 from UDC.

Send a PM is you have questions.

Here’s some pics:

Good afternoon!
I´m from Spain, I´m gonig to live in Virginia for some monhts and I´m looking for an unicycle.

Your unicycle looks like very nice, it
continues being for sale??

ask me :slight_smile:

Hey Pablo, we live in Tennesse which abuts Virginia. Where will you be living in Virginia?

PM Sent. Extremely interested. Paypal is cool. Experienced buyer/seller here on the forums. $300 plus shipping is cool with me. Did I mention that I’m extremely interested?

I will be living in Alexandria

Hydrophobian wrote that he could send a paypal on Weds, so i guess that is a quasi commitment, but Pablo technically was first to respond, so…

Pablo, can you commit or does it go to hydrophobian?

Yup. Just waiting for the Muni payment to clear from Wanderling. I was looking forward to getting a K1 Black Domina but, I guess a KH would do. :slight_smile:

Sorry to thread jack, but if one of you does not get a k holm like you wish, I am also selling a 2007 K holm nearly identical to this one. Just as good condition. PM me if you both don’t get one.

Sorry, after checking out my budget, I’ve realized that it’s not really doable right now. Sorry.

Hydrophobian flaked even though he told me he was a trusted buyer on the forum… apparently he decided to spring for a Koxx on the cheap. You get what you pay for, good luck with that Koxx :roll_eyes:

So, the trials uni is still for sale, lots of uni for the price, $300 plus shipping.


Ok, But my new host family has said to me that they have found places where buy unicycles, so I´m going to wait to see what they say to me.

If finally I don´t be interested in them I´ll continue being interested in yours, but now, if someone ask you about your unicycle you can seell it is you want.

thanks for all nurse ben

Greetings form Spain

PM sent I will take it

Hey folks, please don’t send me rediculous offers for this uni. It retails for nearly double what I’m asking and this uni is practically new. The wheelset alone is worth $300. You get what you pay for, so you wanna buy junk, get a K1, you want the best, get a KH, you decide.

Now, back to our scheduled programming :roll_eyes:

Wow such a nice uni! Id buy it if I had enough, and didnt already have the same thing. Whoever gets this if getting such a great deal.:slight_smile:

haha k1 hater much!?!?!

the good hub!?!?! that’s the hub prone to bending/breaking at the weird flange holes. 07 frame was also prone to snapping. that’s prob why you’re gettin low offers, i’d def take the 250$ koxx over this.