2007 Coker?

There has been a 2007 Coker on CL for $160. I’m not an expert, but it doesn’t look bad in the pictue. The seller labels it as in good condition. Does this seem to good to be true?

I don’t remember when the Coker went to the aluminum frame, and double walled rim. If it has the old steel frame with steel rim I think $160 is a reasonable price (not to go over $200 in excellent condition). If it’s got the aluminum frame/wheel that would be a great price in good condition and a steal in great condition.

This is a picture of it. What size cranks do you think are on it


I bought one of these as my first 36’er and it is OK for a first ride but the rim was out of true, and the left crank kept needing to be tightened.
I was able to fix both things.
A local more knowledgeable rider trued up my rim really well (it’s a 36 spoke, the new ones are 48 spoke).
I went to Harbor Freight and got a torque Wrench and a 14mm Socket and put 40lbs on that crank bolt and that pretty much fixed it. I will use some Lok-Tight next time it comes loose.
Mine had 150mm Cranks. There are alot of posts from around 2000-2010 about these on this forum (use Search for Original Coker).
The left pedal is a little bent so it is a little warblee but just barely noticable, something to check if you look at that uni.
Mine does not have brakes or handlebars. I may pursue a handlebar but probably not brakes.
I have since got a nice Nimbus with handlebar and brakes.
I keep the old Coker for a Uni riding friend that visits, and also as a rig to ride on the beach.

Your picture is of the original, steel Coker frame (the classic Coker that started unicycling’s road-riding revolution!). I’d guess the cranks to be 150s. A great deal at $160 if the photo is recent, and if the wheel isn’t all wobbly.

Thanks everyone for all of the information. I appreciate it.

Let us know if you get it.
It looks like it has a newer seat on it, and the Street tire (mine had the knobby).
Knowing what I know now I probably would have waited and just bought a newer Uni, but for that price (I paid $200) I just had to have it that day!
I didn’t notice the problems with it until a few days after I bought it.
I would ride it as-is, and predict you will want a newer 36’er with a nice set of Handle-Bars, pneumatic disk Brakes, and a real nice seat.

I was thinking that it isn’t worth it to me. I can spend not that much more money for a new Triton. The Nimbus Road I have rides well. I would probably just not ride the Coker if it has some of the issues that you mentioned Peet. I do have difficulty spending over $400 for the Triton when I am happy with the 29er. I am also pretty good weaving in/out of traffic with the 29. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to control the 36er as well as I handle the 29".

Good observations.

A triton is going to be a lot more than $400, I assume you meant titan?

Yes, I meant Titan.