2007 24" Torker DX, KH Seat, 661 pads + more, pkg deal

I had a kid shortly after getting a bunch of gear a few years back and haven’t used the MUni for a while. I bought all of this stuff in January of 2007 and only used it until May 2007 :frowning:

The ebay listing has pictures, but let me know if you want me to pm you close ups, different angles, etc. It is a package deal of the 24" Torker DX, KH Seat, (and the seat that came with it), the 3" Leopard tire (and the 2.6" tire that came with it), SixSixOne 4x4 knee/shin pads, SixSixOne ankle guards, KH gel gloves/wrist guards, and some extra hard arm and leg pads that I had before I got the 661 4x4s (I found out how important the calf protection is by a nasty pedal bite).

Please take a look:

I originally paid $488 + shipping for all that stuff. I’m starting the bidding at $249 with a ‘buy it now’ of $385.

I can ship outside North America, but I’ll probably need to adjust the shipping charge shown.