2006 Video

Hey guys

this is a video of what ive been upto so far in to 2006 well probably just this last month or so,

I threw it together very quickly and it doesnt contain anything from BUC because i didnt film any thing but hopefully you’ll enjoy it

Please comment

cheers Lucas


wheres the video?

nice, I liked it.

urmmm dunno what to say rely, good unicycling, nice music, nice editing

well done

Nice one Champ, You took one hell of a fall.
You did good, keep up the good work.


Sweet video man, loved some of those clips.


nice fall

nice video

but why do you stop before jumping the stairs set?

Lol and whats about the bad dancing at the beginning? :stuck_out_tongue:

That was SWEET man!

nice video

the coolest part was when he went to jump over that rail and fell and smashed his face into that wall. that kicked ass. best trick ive ever seen

my 2.5 cents

That was totally ubersuperfantabulous. One thing though, get a new soundtrack and don’t show yourself falling quite that many times, it makes you look like a total loser. :astonished:

everyones dancing now, cool video

Ha yeah, Justin I think you started a trend;)

Cool vid, that crash over the rail looked painful. I didn’t know you were sponcored by quax.

Nice video. Looks like you are having a lot of fun. Great riding too, keep it up. That stand up glide/wheel walk mount that you are working on looks really cool.

Cheers guys, nice comments and i can just about take the diss of my dancing trev, it doesnt hit too deep. lol

thanks guys

haha maybe you need some lessons :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

nah im the freshest dancin unier in south west lol

That was good man.

What frame do you have on your trials? Is that the new “light” Qu-Ax frame?

Forrest I cant tell if you are kidding. Its 4 years old, Trev still manages to thrash on it too.