2006 Torkers

What is the cheapest you have seen to buy them? Im looking for a 2006 DX, and I want the cheapest price on the net. Anybody seen it somewhere besides amazon?


wow the price nearly doubled…

yea, i really dont want to spend that much. Anybody found it anywhere else?


I don’t think they actually started making them yet.
Can you actually buy them on amazon or is it just a price estimate?

I’m not sure… Might wanna wait a little while to see if the price goes down.

just wait until you can buy them on udc

Re: 2006 Torkers

They are being made, shipped and delivered to customers. My brother
and I have been anxiously waiting there arrival this summer and we
finally order them 2 weeks ago. We recieved them from Seattle Bike
Supply through a local bike shop yesterday. They are sweet and worth
the wait. What do others think?

How much did yours cost?

Yea, which did you buy and how much was it? Im going to ocntact the lbs again, friday they still had nothing


Re: 2006 Torkers

Sorry I forgot to include those detail. We both got the new 24" Torker
DX . They retail for $399.95 but we got them at a little better price
than that. I’m off to go ride some more.

Why would one pay $400 for a torker? There are plenty of much better unicycles that are cheaper than that.

“There are plenty of much better unicycles that are cheaper than that.”

Such as what? the only 24" splined hub unicycle under $400 that I see on unicycle.com is the Qu-ax and with shipping on the Qu-ax its not much cheaper than getting a Torker 24" DX from a LBS. Have you seen the specs for the 2006 DX? It is pretty nice. I don’t swear by torker but I’d like to see the plentiful amount of cheaper and better unicycles.

thats kinda mega expensive. Hows the saddle? Im going for the 20 inch as a trials. Im hoping to spend 300. Now, splined hub, double walled rim, maxxis tire, brake mounts are always a plus, you never know when youll want them. Does any uni beat that for around 300?


Re: 2006 Torkers

The saddle is basically a KH fusion except for the removal cover, so
it’s very comfortable. I have not done extremely extensive research
but I found this to be very competitive with a unicycle such as the
qu-ax. We did get a very nice price, so that was definitely a deciding
factor. Also, a few other riders in our club (Finger Lakes One
Wheelers - www.fl1w.org) have Torker DX’s (last few models) and use
them for general use and love them. They do have many other uni’s but
perfer the DX for games, freestyle and practicing skills.


I have the 2006 24" DX too. IMHO The DX saddles are more comrotable than KH. (But I’ve never owned a KH, only ridden other people’s unicycles with them.)

THe only thing I dont like about the 24" DX is the crank length, I would much rather have longer cranks. THey come with 150’s, I’d like about 160 or 165’s.

How are the splined hub/crankset on the torker 2006 looking?

What splines? steel/alu? tubular?

They look about the same as the old ones from the outside. I havent taken anything apart yet. They are tubular, the website says “HD splined hubs muted to hollow chromo cranks arms”.

ForrestUnifreak, is there any chance we could get a picture or two of your new DX? I’ve seen the product pics but they are rarely the same as seeing the real thing.

tryin to call the bike shop. Not getting throgh. If their in stock im probably buying tomorrow


Oh yeah, sure, as soon as I can. I dont have a camera handy today, I’ll get it tomorow though.