2006 Torker LX

I started unicycling in August for a performance group that I’m currently touring with. The show is called blast! www.blasttheshow.com

I ride across the stage twice while playing trombone.

In the process of learning unicycle and performing on it, I developed interest in riding it outside of the theater. Unfortunatly the unicycle I was riding was company property, and the stopped letting me take it out.

With the loss of the freedom of having this usefull form of transportation on tour I bought a 2006 Torker 24" LX.

I assembled it and rode it 2 blocks from the hotel to the theater, and the left pedal feels very, very wobbly. I’ve checked that everything is tight, in straight, and not stripped. What is causing this wobble? Is this a crappy unicycle?

–mike :thinking:

Make sure the left pedal is on the left and the right pedal is on the right when your riding forwards.

check…still wobles

so everything is tight, but the pedal wobbles from side to side? If thats it you have to take the cap off the side of the pedals with somthing sharp and tighen the bolts.

The pedal itself dosen’t wobble from the crank. It feels like the entire crank wobbles. Kind of like when a pedal is about to fall off, except everything is tight.

Maybe you are drunk? I dont know.

i have the exact same problem with the floor when im walking

any ways
call up unicycle.com they helped me with my lx when i had a pedal clicking problem


Took it to a bike shop, and they said the axle was bent. Unicycle.com has already sent me a new wheelset.

Sounds like a bum wheel then?

Most Torker LX’s, the ones that aren’t defective, are a nice, solid cruiser unicycle. It’s not crappy. :slight_smile:

I bought myself a Torker LX 24 for Christmas. So far it’s been great. When I got mine from the local bike shop, I thought it was odd that the wheel didn’t free spin very well… loosened up the bolts a little and it’s great. You have to watch the bike shops, most of them seem to want to crank the bearing cup bolts down… this will lead to bearing failure in short order. They just need to be snug. :slight_smile: