2006 Torker DX

If any of you bought the new 2006 DX, can you give me a review?


I just bought one, a 24". Expecting delivery today! Will let you know asap.:wink:

there pretty good uni’s. they are definiatly the best one out for the money right now! they have a splined hub too! they’re pretty descent uni’s. I would get one if you have the money and are looking for a nice Muni.

If your not doing a lot of muni, it might be overkill for you.

It’s a little heavy, but pretty strong, has Alex DX rim, which is a good wide rim, and splined hub, brake mounts, reinforced frame (although a tad heavy, I don’t mind it). The seat is a lot like KH seats.

Wait-are you looking at the 20" or 24" version?

The only quark about the 24" is the cranks (150mm) are a tad short for climbing steep hills, but it doesn’t bother me much. Overall it is a strong, cheap uni. I’ve done about 5 foot drops on it.

I’ve had it for a while and definitely recommend it, the best uni for the price.

i have the torker Dx 2006 24" and it is very nice. Its my only one so i have nothing to compare it to but seems very strong.

just got my new 24" dx today and I LOVE IT! Although it’s about the same weight as my schwinn 24, (beefed up with a maxxis 2.4 and pinned pedals) it “feels” way lighter, but this is probably due to the way it’s balanced. It’s also bounces TWICE as easy/high. I’m telling you this seems to be a fantastic uni/muni! I took it to my local dealer and had them use their torque wrench to tighten the bearing caps to the recommended 45inch pounds…VERY IMPORTANT! Also check the “pinch” bolts and the spindle bolts on the cranks for proper tightness. I then took it to my favorite local trail and WOW! Yes, the cranks could be a tad longer for better climbing ease, but the 152’s (6 inch) are fine and will make my legs that much stronger, and overall speed will be better. the guys at torker say that the Redline Proline cranks will fit the dx, but the shortest they make is 175mm. This can be considered a high-end uni for sure!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oo wow, thanks alot XD

I’m looking at the 20", I already have a 24" so I’m planning on using the DX for trials and what not

I think Cody(Caw89) said he bent the new torker frame.

I’m using my 24" DX for BOTH muni & trials, but mostly muni cause it’s a great way to stay in shape. Although trials riding requires stamina as well.

Really? I didn’t think he’s had it long enough to do anything to it… :stuck_out_tongue:


bump back lol. Well yeah ive bent 2 06 frames, and snapped 2 05s and a yuni. But its almost 07 so jsut get one of those, my friend has one, they have more clearance for hte tire, and they fixed the defect in the break and bending welded section of hte frame…

I don’t know why everyone is freaking about the weight.

My scale reads 14 pounds… that’s 2 pounds more than the KH20?

I have the 2007 model with the reinforcement and extra tire clearance.