2006 Torker DX

I really just want to know if any one has tried the 2006 Torker DX or knows someone that has one…please let me know…I want to get a muni so I am trying to fine one that is relatively priced well… thanks

I have the '06 Torker DX in the 20" form, and so far it has far exceeded my expectations. The pictures you find from the guys selling on Ebay don’t do it ANY justice whatsoever. It looks awesome. It is a very nice unicycle, and I’ve taken it off far larger drops than my old 20". Stands up really well, and the hub/cranks are wonderfully strong for such a cheap price.

if you were to buy one, do it off ebay from a guy whose screen name is “Price_thumper.” $260 including shipping vs. $260+ shipping from UDC. I bought mine from him, and his shipping is incredibly fast, and it came new in the box, untampered with, AND i got a free stand.

yeah. i got my Dx from the same guy. his shipping was fast and the uni was untampered with… i recomend him. i have goen off of 6ft drops and not the slightest bend in the cranks

Just got my boy a 2006 Torker 24" DX . Bearings fell apart after 10 days. Can’t get replacements for a while. Torker has their own special junk bearings. Very crudely made. Either spend more or spend less for something else. Make sure it has standard size bearings for easy replacement. If you’re not sure, ASK someone like you’re local auto parts guy.

Are you sure you didn’t way over tighten them?

i have a dx 2006 24 inch and i have no problems with the bearings or anything. only maintinance has been tightening my seat and cleaning it. this is my first and only uni so i have nothing to compare it with but i have nothing to complain about.


I don’t believe so. Used a Snap-On torque wrench to tighten them to 35 inch pounds.

where and how do I find this “price_thumper”?

Is the torker DX 2006 good for standing wheels walks and one footed wheel walk??

as for how to find price_thumper just go to ebay and search unicycles and the one that says buy it now for 214.99 is the one. and yes invine it is good for stand up and foot on frame tricks.

Also, consider buying your uni through your local b*ke shop (LBS). They can give you a competitive price, they usually buy through unicycle.com, and it supports your local economy. If something goes wrong with the uni, you have their expertise to call upon (hopefully they have expertise!). I bought a Yuni 29er from my LBS here is Carmel, Indiana and they have been very helpful every step of the way. Also, since they see very few uni’s, they think it’s pretty cool! :smiley: