2006 Torker DX

Hello everyone, I just started cycling about 3 months ago and im lovin it. I learned how on some old torker im not sure what the name is but the petals kept falling off lol. After a while of that I gave up on it and decided to get a new one. Right now im looking at the 2006 torker DX I have been hearing good things from it, I was wondering what you guys thing of it?

Hey Steve, good to meet another uni-newbie. I’ve been riding since 01Jul05, and bought the 2005 DX 24" in August - I love it. I commute about 20 miles a week plus run the dog 2 or 3 nights.

Two issues I’ve noticed with my 2005 DX:

  1. the spokes seem to come loose quickly (squeaky), I seem to be forever tightening them.
  2. The pedals are a wee bit narrow. I catch my heel on the knob on the axle and UPD. So I installed wider pedals from my Kona Stinky Dee (who needs a bike when you can uni). Problem solved.

I intend to buy a KH 29" next (unless I buy a Coker 36", then buy a KH29"!).

Thank you, I’ve just ordered the DX an hour ago and I cant wait to get it.lol.

hey uni-steve yer on da forum! its seth!! from school! hehehehe

hey you should get aim so we could talk about uni’s lol

yes i should, seeya at school tomarrow!