2006 Torker DX info?

hey, i was thinkin of buyin the 06 Torker DX.
does anybody know the weight and the size of cranks it comes with?
also, what pedals does it come with?

dang dude i want to know the same thing but i cant find it either!

ForrestUniFreak has a 24" DX. Im getting the 20" hopefully on friday, and i think spudman is getting one soon too. I cant tell you what you need about the 20" when i get it


You should specify the wheel size first.

The 24" comes with 152mm’s. I have no idea what the weight is, I’ve never taken them off to weigh them.

It comes with Welgo’s, but there a lot better than the old wellgos they used to come with. These now are bigger, and have removable pins.
In my gallery I stupidly have my old blue pedals on the 06 DX, they do not come with those. I should change the pedals at least for my gallery picture. It looks silly with blue.

oh sorry
the trails 20 inch and how much does the whole unicycle weigh i meant

Just bought my boy a 2006 Torker 24"DX. Bearings disintegrated within days. Torker has there own special sized bearings that you can only get from them. And you have to wait and wait for them to come in the mail. The rest of the unit is crude also. If I could do it again, I would spend a little more on something else. The Torker is a rip-off. Stay away.

the 20 inch comes with 125mm cranks, welgo platform pedals and maybe weighs about the same as the old summit so like 14-15lbs. i’ve had my dx for like a month now and like it fine, and haven’t had problems.