2006 Monty Unicycle


Looks pretty nice, but they should put a real KH saddle on there.

I realy dislike the frame on it, with those things sticking out the side. Is that a splined hub crankset?

Sweetness. iv seen those frames before, i love them.

the crank set is shit. i belive thats the new version monety rim, any one know how good it is? its also that new 2.7" trials tire they jsut released.
the pedals look like DX style. over all id say it would be a great trials uni if you swaped out he hub. for beginers or just over all flatland riders this would be a great uni.

Well they dont know how to spell Kris Holm.

heeey, Obie, you’re still alive.
doesn’t look bad…the frame looks kinda crappy though. and they spelled Kris Holm wrong. and a typo in crank length. other than that it looks okay though.

I think the frame is really, really ugly.


I really like the frame, we have too many of the “nimbus/Yuni” style frames. It´s something diferent, but I suspect it´s not aluminum so it might be on the heavier side.

Tha hub/cranks are not splined. So I wouldn´t recomend this uni to anyone.

If that’s the same frame as the qu-ax it’s supposed to be really heavy, but strong.

That frame looks overbuilt, I think it would hit you legs on it and it would get in the way for some skills, the seat is to thick, the crankset is week. I cant see anyone paying more than $210 for it. Especially when you can get the new torker for a little more.

I got the uni to test it… i bent the hub at the first jump (it was only a longjump test, to see how the uni feels like)

the frame is realy heavy. it is the same frame as the old blue Qu-ax. the rim is quite strong, but also very heavy.

The best thing on the uni is the tire. it has a lot of grip and is bouncy

so we can say that it sucks?


you can definitely say that

It’s a little disapointing that a company that makes some quality stuff doesn’t make a trials uni with a decent hub. Maybe that’s coming.

AND, look at the standard unicycles they’re selling: http://monty.es/bikes/2006/pdf/unicycle.jpg. Gotta love those metal bumpers. If I was a cycle company I would be reluctant to put my name on those.

well, theres a step in the wrong direction.

mmm pretty


Pretty much, those metal seats are the WORST to learn on…they make your legs bleed when you’re learning to hop…I’ve ridden one of those Monty’s and they are pretty heavy, the frame isn’t the best for one footed or crown tricks. The only good thing i’d say is the tyre…otherwise, they aren’t really worth it