2006 Kh20 f/s 400Canadian$$$

okay, well im guessing that the guy that was suppose to buy this bailed and didnt send money, sooo its back up for sale, i would like to stay at 400 canadian, and that will get it shipped anywhere in canada, us you might ahve to ass 20-40$ for postage. Well please help me and get this thing sold, if i receive the money i will have this thread closed, and for all of you wanting pics here they are:

if only i had the money :roll_eyes:

No cheque in the mail yet???
Talk to Hagbag and see if he still wants to give you $350. and pick it up!

i know he’ll give me 350 but i really need 400 right now

its funny that you said 370 INCLUDING shipping to the states wich would be more then 20 bucks unless you want the pakage to get there in about a year or so but whatever

no it was 370 including shipping in CANADA!!!

Yes, it certainly WAS that, now it’s this, because its still yours and its still for sale.
When you get sick of not selling this thing, maybe give Hagbag another try.

oh right shipping to calgary… hmm… funny cause i had a unicycle shipped from quebec city to barrie ontario and it was 30$ for shipping… wonder how much it would be from calgary to brandon! what ever i don’t meen to be rude about it but i’ll just leave it alone and if you don’t sell it then message me or pm me if i don’t have a uni allready

just got the money so i guess its sold

Hope it worked out for you. The cheapest shipping that I could price from Manitoba to Alberta was 4-6 weeks, regular Parcel Post threw Canada Post at $30.00. I am pretty sure that the dude in Alberta is going to pissed when he doesn’t see his uni for like a month and you still only got $340.00 CAN plus gas to and from the post office, packaging and maybe insurance too.
I guess we live and learn.

i guess ifit it into the smallest box possible and send it off with greyhouind for like 30 and he gets it in like 2 days :roll_eyes: might even be cheeper

Why don’t you pm about this stuff? I didn’t kno it till now. :roll_eyes:

Hope you have sent stuff by bus before, you’ll be lucky to get it on the bus for $30.00 and even if you do, it’s still $10.00 less than Hagbags offer and just look at all the hassle it has caused. Make sure you buy the extra insurance if you send it by Greyhound. I have had some pretty bad experiences with them either losing or just breaking stuff. I also had a set of skates get off the bus 300 kms from where they were supposed to be and then they took 5 extra days to get to the right place.

Bottom line, you need to do some research before you just take someones money. You should have had the shipping all worked out before you even advertised the uni so you could include it in your price.

Looks like Danni’s gonna have to go and get his Uni at the bus station in Downtown Calgary. Station to Station shipping is the cheapest at $26.77 total.

The guy has disapeared.

I’m so confused. Is it sold or not?

Might have drank a few too many.

Did you ever get your uni???

Hmm. Is it possibly for sale again? What’s the cost now in CAD or USD? I’ve got lots of brew.

It’s on it’s way here after I tried to contact him for a few weeks. It will be dropped off at one greyhound station here in calgary, though I don’t know which one.

Sorry Brewster