2006 KH20 F/s 400$Canadian

hey the other forum got clutted so heres a new one, its practialy brand new, bought it in the summer, didnt ride much tho. This thing needs to go fast.

PM for quickest response
Also i have AIM (NickFay91) and msn (Truk_99@hotmail.com)

c’mon, i need this gone

where do u live

I’ll give you 350 I pay shipping. I’m in calgary. A brand new one 2007 is 450, so 400 is kinda expensive

Where can you get a new one for 450 Canadian?

thats what i was thinking, there like 470 us :thinking: , besides, this thing was bought last year and i rode it for like a month, when i bought it, it was like 670canadian with shipping and taxes from unicycle.com

You should probly mention where abouts you are so people will have some idea of shipping costs.

haha, good point. Im in brandon, manitoba, canada


would you consider selling just the wheelset with the cranks? if so how much?

The highest my friend can go is 350 CAD.

He lives in the states and cant go any higher than that, so that price would have to include shipping and any boarder fees and whatnot.:frowning:

Rim Tire Frame

if u will…I want the rim …tire…and frame…I am in Canada (ottawa)…cuz i will buy if they are at a good price

really not looking to part out, besides, 400 is like 352 american

Ive been trying to have him get some more money, and ill keep trying because this is a really good deal for a mint KH. =p

kkk i really need to sell this bad, so, like if he could do 370 to cover shipping i would sell it to him no question, except where in the states are you??

MEMEMEEMEMEM I’ll give it to you. Where (adress) (Pm me) can I give you a check?

dude i ask if we could take if for 350 without shipping and i would pick it up!!! whatever dude

So let me get this straight. This thing has been for sale for over a month. You started at about $500.00 Canadian. You didn’t sell it and dropped your price to $400.00 Canadian and still no one wanted it. These dudes in the States have talked you down to $370.00 Canadian including shipping which will probably be about $60.00 Canadian, dropping your actual profit to $310.00. Grant offered you $350.00 Canadian, PICKED UP AT YOUR DOOR and you said NO! Obviously the crack cocaine problem that you had when you first listed it for $500. has gotten worse.

$350.00 cash in hand, picked up kicks the crap out of $370. minus shipping to the US.

I told him my friend was in the looking for a new unicycle, but didnt have enough money yet, and I would try make him get enough to buy this uni. Because the deal is so incredibly good.

I wasnt trying to have him lower his price at all. =p

hey been chillout, no one would buy it at 500 so i dropped it to 400 and i got 400 shipped for it to a guy in calgary but he sent the money monday, or so he says, its not yet here so i duno if it is sold or not