2006 KH uni's(PING Mister Holm)

So when do the new uni’s come out?


I emailed Kris about a week ago and he said he hopes they will be out by Christmas. He is working on the shifter on the Guni’s right now.

And the KH 20" frames to?



the new KH products (not the Guni) will arrive in the end of September in Germany.
I also will get 20 inch frames …

You are on my reservations list for this frame …



I’ve been told 22nd September for NZ…

I hope Kris takes the time out to tell us about the changes he’s made and post pictures, 3 weeks is a long time to wait without a trials uni! :astonished:

Well don’t leave it at the dump then :stuck_out_tongue:



haha, anyways you guys always go off topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah thanks for that Roland.
But do you know off the changes of the KH stuff?(beside the frames)



CRANKS :smiley:

I think so anyway, with all the talk of the new Kris Holm cranks I’d say they’re going on the new uni’s.

I’ve been waiting forever now too. I’m really tempted to just get the '05 off of amazon.com, plus they have free shipping.

You wouldn’t like the '05 KH cranks, I bent my first in 2 weeks, my second set in 2 days.

Roland at Unicon:
How did you bend them, youre not that fat!

That doesnt say anything, maybe you have a bad landing technic or have done 3m drops. I know from every splinted hub a few people who have bent or broken them.

Haha, obviously you don’t have experience with the 2005 KH model, I don’t think I took it on drops above… 1.30m, I’m a semi-street rider so I have pretty good rollouts (most of the time) and my Qu-Ax which has been taken on 2m+ drops are straight. Either the Qu-Ax are really good, or the KH are really bad. Pick!

Mine KH cranks are bend to.
I didn’t dropped off anything higher then 1 meter.
And I have a good roll out.
So the KH 2005 cranks aren’t that good, sorry Kris :o


Both of you probably had the older (1.6mm I think…?) cranks. These have been upgraded by 0.2mm (I think to 1.8mm).

Either that or you had defective cranks. I have had no trouble with mine (and a hell of alot of other people have had very good experiances with theirs). Unlucky batch maybe…?


well, He just said The Guni Muni’s will be out by Christmas he hopes. He didn’t say anything about the other KH’s.

I know ALOT of people have bent the kh cranks. I hope the new unis come with cranks that are alot stronger and the same spline pattern as the old ones.

I have the 05 kh hub and 127 cranks and mine aren’t bent but I don’t do many drops. I would like to know that if they do bend I can upgrade the cranks to something stronger without having to buy a new hub and relace it. I have seen and ridden people’s bent kh cranks and it makes me hesitant to do anything big because I don’t want to bend mine…

Personally I hope he switches to ISIS. I mean come on, everyone’s doing it.

Yeah, that would be good too. I would just have to switch my hub. It would be awesome to have 1 hub and multiple crank choices, unlike now where people buy hubs just to be able to use certain cranks.